An event where voice actors and artists from anime works aired by TV Tokyo known as 「Anime JAM2019」 will be held on December 22, 2019 at Maihama Amphitheater. Announcement of the work line-up and the appearance of 16 performers in total, comments from cast and a new CM narrated by Nobunaga Shimazaki have arrived.

The 1st event was held back in 2014, and we will be welcoming the 6th this year.
This year featuring Jun Fukuyama(Yuuma Nosaka Role) and Tomohiro Oomachi(Hikari Ichihoshi Role)both from the TV Anime『Inazuma Eleven: Seal of Orion』, Keisuke Ueda(Heine Role), Yuuyu Asato(Kai Role), Adachi Yuto(Bruno Role) and Daisuke Hirose(Leonhard Role) all 4 from the movie『The Royal Tutor Heine』, Ryouta Oosaka(Eijun Sawamura Role), Nobunaga Shimazaki(Satoru Furuya Role), Shintarou Asanuma(Youichi Kuramochi Role) and Yuuma Uchida(Koushuu Okumura Role)all 4 from the TV Anime 『Diamond no ACE actII』.

Manaka Iwami(Tohru Honda Role) from the currently airing TV Anime『Fruits Basket』along with cast also from 『Diamond no ACE actII』namely Nobunaga Shimazaki(Yuki Sohma Role) and Yuuma Uchida(Kyo SHoma Role)will appear together on stage.

Moreover, pugcat’s, Heine・Kai・Bruno・Leonhard from P4 with T, OxT, Beverly will join in the live performance announcement as artists.

Comments regarding their participation from Keisuke Ueda「I want everyone to have fun and enjoy the best time!」, Shintarou Asanuma「Last time I won together with the team, so I want to challenge myself with the feeling of participating in the Olympic Games for the first time in four years」.

The first ticket lottery at the official homepage will begin from September 11. Furthermore, JTB accommodation plan tickets which guarantees entries will begin sale from September 19.

「Anime JAM2019」will be held at Maihama Amphitheater on December 12.

<Below contains the full commentary>

TV Anime「Inazuma Eleven: Seal of Orion」
Jun Fukuyama
「I’m Jun Fukuyama who played as Yuuma Nosaka. This is the first time i was invited to participate in【Anime JAM】. I believe I can have fun with all of you, I’ll try to liven things up!!」

Tomohiro Oomachi
「It’s my first time participating in Anime JAM2019!!I was shocked at first when I heard about it, but now I’m feeling very excited!I hope to liven things up and have fun with everyone else!Look forward to work with you!」

Movie「The Royal Tutor Heine」
Keisuke Ueda
「It is my first time to be invited to Anime JAM. I’m feel very honored!I want everyone to have fun together making it the best time they ever had! Please come and play with me!」

Yuuya Asato
「Even though it’s my first time participating、I would like to liven things up together with the Heine team!I’ll do my best…!」

Adachi Yuto
「I will be appearing at Anime JAM2019 for the first time!!The name’s Adachi Yuto!!Can’t wait to liven things up together with other voice actors that voiced in various anime!Of course, all the fans please enjoy it as much as possible!!!Hope to work with you all on that day!!」

Daisuke Hirose
「I’m very honored that The Royal Tutor Heine gets to participate as well. I would like to make it a memorable year-end event for everyone, so please do come and have fun!」

TV Anime「Diamond no ACE actII」
Ryouta Oosaka
「It’s been a while. I still don’t know what I will do this this time、but Asanuma will probably take the lead for me. I think it’ll be fun to go along with that.」

Shintarou Asanuma
「It’s been 4 years since my last appearance, I’m very glad to be able to participate together with the『Diamond no ACE』team. Last time I won together with the team, so I want to challenge myself with the feeling of participating in the Olympic Games after 4 years!I’ll do my best! 」

TV Anime「Fruits Basket」
Manaka Iwami
「We look forward to sharing the world of「Fruits Basket」to everyone. It’s in December so please stay tune!Look forward to it!!」

Nobunaga Shimazaki(Also appears in「Diamond no ACE actII」)
「『Diamond no ACE actII』and『Fruits Baskey』are both great works, I would like everyone to know about them even if it’s nly one, I’ve been wanting everyone to watch it everyone, I can’t feel more honored to have these works to appear in Anime JAM2019. I was also personally assigned as the narrator for the CM, so please do check that out as well, it’ll make me happy!」

Yuuma Uchida(Also appears in「Diamond no ACE actII」)
「To make a lot of people understand the charm of『Diamond no ACE actII』and then『Fruits Basket』, I’d like to talk about a lot of things that everyone like. Let’s liven things up together!! 」

<Anime JAM2019 Details>
■Event Name:Anime JAM2019
■Schedule:December 22, 2019(Sun)
【Afternoon Section】Starting 13:15 Start 14:00
【Night Section】Starting 17:45 Start 18:30
■Location:Maihama Amphitheater
TV Anime「Inazuma Eleven: Seal of Orion」Jun Fukuyama/Tomohiro Oomachi
Movie「The Royal Tutor Heine」Keisuke Ueda/Yuuya Asato/Adachi Yuto/Daisuke Hirose
TV Anime「Diamond no ACE actII」Ryouta Oosaka/Nobunaga Shimazaki/Shintarou Asanuma/Yuuma Uchida
TV Anime「Fruits Basket」Manaka Iwami/Nobunaga Shimazaki/Yuuma Uchida
Appearing Artists:pugcat‘s/Heine・Kai・Bruno・Leonhard from P4 with T /OxT /Beverly
■Ticket:Each 7,980¥ (Tax Inclusive/All seat reserve)
※Ticket limit:2 per person※Admission age 3 years old and above. Admission under 3 years old is not allowed.
【Ticket Sale Schedule】
●Official HP1 time(Lottery)
Reception Period:September 11, 2019(Wed)18:00~September 23, 2019(Mon・Holiday)23:59
● JTB accommodation plan ticket(First come first serve)
Registration Period: September 14, 2019(Sat)10:00~September 23, 2019(Mon・Holiday)23:59
■Sponsor:TV Toyko・Anime JAM2019 Execeutive Committee
■Planning:TV Tokyo/avex pictures
(C)LEVEL-5/FC Inazuma Elven・TV Tokyo(C)Higasa Akai/SQUARE ENIX・Movie「The Royal Tutor Heine」Production Committee(C)Yuji Terajima・Kodansha/「Diamond no ACE actII」Production Committee・TV Tokyo (C)Natsuki Takaya・Hakusensha/Fruits Basket Production Committee