On Oct. 6, ‘Say You to Yoasobi Tuesday [Shimono Hiro & Uchida Maaya] #16″ featuring voice actors Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya, will be shown on ‘ABEMA’. In this episode, Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya had challenges such as quickly look directly at the camera, “Look at the Camera, please! ” in the show.

The show’s new corner, “Look at the Camera, please!”, rules are very simple. “No matter what camera it switches to, keep looking directly at the camera”. In addition to the cameras used for normal transmission, multiple fixed cameras are setup on the ceiling and behind the scenes, so you must be able to quickly respond to the screen from unfamiliar angles. The first game was played by Uchida Maaya.

Uchida Maaya tried the first game. She was asking “Which one? Which camera! ‘What? Oh, yeah?” and was a little confused, but managed to continue looking at the cameras with a very big smile on her face. Maaya thought “This is so difficult!” but Shimono Hiro said, “Maaya-chan, you’re amazing. You are featured (on-screen) so beautifully!”.

When it was Shimono Hiro’s turn, he went on to say, “Which one, which one?! ”What?” as well and moved his body wide and looked at the camera in a series of puzzled looks. It took him a while to get to the point where he was used to it, and was at the mercy of difficult close-ups and the low shots of the camera. He said “Damn!” and bite back the frustration.

After confirming the position of the camera, they moved on to the second round of the game with the speed of the switch. Maaya says, “You~?!” to the quickly switching camera. She continuously showed the viewers how cute she is, pointing and posing. She smiled as Hiro gave her big praise saying, “Wow! Seriously, that’s awesome! ‘Today, Uchida Maaya’s talent is on fire! Maaya himself said, “I’m enjoying it!”

In contrast, Hiro’s second attempt, he showed a cool expression as the camera switched on and off, smiled and made a peace sign, and showed his dynamic “cool face” using his entire body. At the end of the show, he paused for breath and asked, “What is this exercise …? I worked up a good sweat. … That was fun!” and enjoyed the corner as much as he could.

In the program, for challenges on other days of the week, there are challenges such as “About games other than Tuesdays” and “Seven changes of voice actor”, in which they read out old stories that everyone knows in the style of characters of children and animals.

In addition, if you are a premium member of ‘ABEMA’, you can access “Say You to Yoasobi Premium [Shimono Hiro x Uchida Marei] #16” which includes limited videos.

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