The video project of the short drama featuring voice actors, “TOKYO JUNJO CAFE” will start on Oct. 26, 2020, on AT-X. The project will feature Shimazaki Nobunaga, Suzuki Ryouta, Yashiro Taku, and Midorikawa Hikaru and their comments have been announced as well.

“TOKYO JUNJO CAFE” is the third project of AT-X “Otona ha Minna Tsukareteimasu” (All Adults are Tired) series.
This is AT-X original short drama program with a total of 5 episodes for each voice actors, and it will depict the voice actors, who have performed the life’s of various character, delivering a universal message with not only their voice but with their action as well in the cafe, which is a small and quiet world.

“TOKYO JUNJO CAFE” will air at AT-X on 9:25 PM every weekday starting from Oct. 26, 2020.
The first voice actor is Shimazaki Nobunaga for Oct. 26 until Oct. 30 broadcast, the second is Suzuki Ryouta for Nov. 9 until Nov. 13 broadcast, the third is Yashiro Taku for Nov. 23 until Nov. 27 broadcast and the fourth is Midorikawa Hikaru for Dec. 7 until Dec. 11 broadcast.

Shimazaki Nobunaga
It was given the chance to read a modern poem that can be understood easily, I believe that everyone can felt something from it.
As my photo was taken from various angles, I am quite excited to see the final footage of it.
It would make me happy if you could check it out.

Suzuki Ryouta
As I was given a chance for my first time in acting in a video, I felt that it was quite profound that we had to use our body to express all the actions.
There is a person, who is thinking about his boorish daily life, and I had created a lot of various expressions for while facing that person, including an ethereal face and a smile, so please check it out.

Yashiro Taku
This is quite a new challenge for me as this read-a-loud is expressed while combining with the situation video.
Not only can you enjoy hearing it, but you could also enjoy watching it as well. As each of us will have different expressions, so please do watch the expression by the other voice actors as well.

Midorikawa Hikaru
I am truly grateful that I was given a chance to have experience managing a cafe from the owner position as I like coffee.
As this is quite a rare opportunity for me, I hope that all the fans can check it out.