Voice actor Kimura Subaru has appeared in various works, including the role of Gian from “Doraemon”, and is active not only as a voice actor but also in variety shows and singing shows.
In this article, we’ll look back on his activities and introduce him to those who are interested in learning more about him.
On top of that, let’s learn about his upcoming fall anime series.

■2005, Junior High School Student Becomes Gian

Kimura Subaru parents were from Germany and Japan and he lived in Germany until he was seven years old. After moving to Japan, he joined a theater company and began acting as a child actor.

In 2005, he was chosen to play the role of Gian in “Doraemon” and started his career as a voice actor in a spectacular fashion. Although he had a splendid start to his career as a voice actor, he concentrated on playing Gian until he was offered a role in t film, “Penguindrum” in 2011. No matter what he said, he sounded like Gian, so when he auditioned for the role in “Penguindrum”, the director Ikuhara Kunihiko said, “You’re funny. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as bad as you.”
There and then, he decided to break away from the role of Gian and began to play other roles. Kimura-san says this was a major turning point in his career.

Since then, he has played many roles such as Akuma (Sakuma Manabu ) in “Ping Pong The Animation”, Terasaka Ryoma in “Assassination Classroom”, and Shoichi Kusanagi in “Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS”.

▼Past Interview

■He’s transformed into a tone deaf person, a rapper, and sometimes even a prince!
Now in his fifteenth year as Gian, Kimura-san has a booming singing voice. He has always been a fan of hip-hop music, and in the male voice actor x rap project “Hypnosis Mike” he played Yamada Ichiro of the Ikebukuro Division Buster Bros! In the male voice actor X rap project “Hypnosis Mike”, Kimura-san plays the role of Ikebukuro Division Buster Bros! Yamada Ichiro and raps with great enthusiasm.

In a previous interview, he was willing to take on a rap battle and even reminisced about his editorial staff and my men (best friends)…

▼ Past Interview

He also sang “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” from “Lion King” on “Disney: The Prince of Voices”. In addition to live streaming of the song, he also performed at the FNS Music Festival and showed everyone his singing voice.

He plays “strong” characters, but is usually a mischievous 30-year-old.
Kimura-san has been seen in many mischievous roles, such as a kid general and a rapper. His own appearance is also wild, as he sports an all-bagged beard.
However, if you look at his Twitter and Instagram posts, you’ll find a lot of hilarious content that makes you laugh. You can’t help but be attracted to the characters he has played and to Subaru Kimura himself.

This is what happens every night on a happy day pic.twitter.com/IVlQJEZDZY&-; Kimura Subaru (@GiantSUBAru) September 26, 2020

I’d love to do Rizap. The before and after finish is perfect. Subaru Kimura (@GiantSUBAru) September 27, 2020
He is also in charge of the talk variety program “Say You To Yoasobi – Connect” on ABEMA. Every weekday, he and Kaneda Tomoko have a funny talk show.

At the time of the release of “Doraemon the Movie”, he served as an MC for a special episode with Seki Tomokazu, who played Suneo, Kimura-san’s mentor.

▼The article on the broadcast of the “Say You To Yoasobi” episode of Kimura Subaru and Seki Tomokazu

■Autumn anime will also feature “Kimura Subaru”!
It has been decided that he will be the new MC for “Oha Suta” from Oct. 5th. He commented, “Let’s have a great morning together on Oha Suta!”

In addition to playing the role of Gian from Doraemon, he has also appeared in a number of autumn anime works that will start in October.
He plays the role of Ichiro Yamada in “‘Hypnosis Mike – Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima” and Toudou Aoi in “Jujutsu Kaisen” (both starting from Oct. 2), “Pickles the Frog” (from Oct. 4), “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” (from October 6) as Hiroto, and “Akudama Drive” (from October 8) as a thug.
Looking at the characters, it appears that there are a variety of “tough” characters, including a rapper, a high school student (at a witchcraft school), a color gangster, and a criminal …
I wonder what kind of character he will play next! We can’t wait to see what kind of character he will play.