“One Day Trip Vol.4”, which contains the situations of the voice actor, Uchida Yuuma enjoying Dubrovnik, the gem of the Adriatic Sea, has been released on Sep. 26.

Uchida Yuuma is a voice actor known for his roles as Ash Lynx from “BANANA FISH”, Tachibana Souichirou from “MIX”, and other roles. He was awarded “Best Actor in a Leading Role” in the 13th Seiyu Awards in 2019 and he had made his debut as a singer in 2018.

“One Day Trip” is a voice actor’s travel book and in each volume, it is filled with the natural expression and travel atmosphere of the voice actor in an unexpected country, and also information such as the must-visit spots during the travel.

In vol. 4, it featured Uchida being photographed in the old city that was surrounded by Dubrovnik’s wall. It is a single book that encompassed of the major tourism spots with the corporation the locals.

Also, as the photography was taken during the off-season (Jan. 2020), rare information such as the shops and spots that are still operating during the winter season can be seen.

“One Day Trip Vol.4” is priced at 3,630 JPY (tax included). It is now on sale at Animate and other anime specialty stores as well as nationwide bookstores, and online bookstores.

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