Rudo Aina, Mizuno Ami, Hanaoka Shiori, and Yashiro Ruka, who are chosen from the audition project “What Koe You? (What Voice You?)”, will appear in the TV anime “Idolls!” that will broadcast on Jan. 2021.

“Idolls!” is a TV anime that is based on the “Idolls Project”, the main content of “What Koe You?”, which is a YouTube program that was created from the cooperation between the animation studio “Shin-Ei Animation” and the voice actor production “81 Produce”.
The project that started on May 2019, had 84 greenhorn voice actors divided into 10 teams as they aim to be the main cast of “Idolls!”. As a results, Rudo Aina, Mizuno Ami, Hanaoka Shiori, and Yashiro Ruka are the 4 selected casts.

The animation is handled by “Shin-Ei Animation”, known for “Doraemon”, and “Crayon Shin-chan”. Ray, who started the VTuber Live “PROJECT SINGULARITY”, will also cooperate in the production.
Also, as the production of this work will involve motion capture technology, the voice actor will perform both the motion capture shooting and voice recording at the same time, and their realistic performance and natural reaction will remain untouched in the anime.

As the broadcast commemoration of “Idolls!”, a special program featuring the four casts will be streamed on Oct. 3 at YouTube and Nico Nico Live Broadcast. As a guest, Takagi Miyu, the MC of “What Koe You?” will appear in the program and it will introduce the latest information of “Idolls!” as well as the future activities of the four casts.
Also, the special program is scheduled to be conducted monthly at YouTube and Nico Nico Live Broadcast.

TV anime “Idolls!” will start on Jan. 2021.

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