“Fire Force Season 2” will be entering the Haijima Industries Arc from episode 14 on Oct. 2. In commemoration, the visual of the Haijima Industries Arc and promo for the 2nd cour of Season 2 has been released.

“Fire Force” is based on the manga serialized on “Weekly Shonen Magazine” by Ookubo Atsushi. Season 1 of the anime was aired in 2019, and Season 2 is currently being broadcast.

The VS. Holy Sol Temple Arc had ended with episode 13 on Sep. 25, and from episode 14, the Haijima Industries Arc begins. Captain Burns revealed the dark side of the Holy Sol Temple to Joker and Benimaru. Special Fire Force Company 8 goes to investigate Haijima Industries, and Yuuichirou Kurono, a.k.a. the Grim Reaper, confronts them.

The Haijima Industries Arc visual features Shinra, Kurono, and other characters that hold the key to the story. And in the promo for the 2nd cour of Season 2, you can take a glimpse of the three-way battle between Special Fire Force Company 8, Haijima Industries, and the White-Clad.

The musicians singing the opening and ending theme songs for the 2nd cour were also revealed. KANA-BOON will be singing “Torch of Liberty” for the opening, and PELICAN FANCLUB will be singing “Desire” for the ending.
“Torch of Liberty” is also used in the promo for the 2nd cour, so you can enjoy their song in advance. Taniguchi Maguro from KANA-BOON and Endou Anri from PELICAN FANCLUB have commented on their thoughts towards their songs.

【Taniguchi Maguro from KANA-BOON】

The word “liberation”, which plays a major role in the story, was also important in creating the song.
I believe this is a common theme that exists in our daily lives that have changed, our values towards individuality and diversity, and in our concerts, which has always been essential to us.
The sound with our wishes and prayers at the core has turned out very intense, and I think you would enjoy it.
I can’t wait to deliver this song to you and perform it in front of everyone.
We’ll keep the fire burning until we get back to where we belong and get a new grasp of hope.

【Endou Anri from PELICAN FANCLUB】

The “Fire” in this series represents many things: danger, fighting spirit, life, the brilliance of the moment, desires, etc.
You could say it’s just like humans.
When our desires explode, we feel the brilliance of our lives. That’s the image I got.
And with that image of the “explosion of desire” as our main theme, we made this song to express ourselves trying to live strong with all the different emotions we have.
The song is also aimed towards us as a band.
We would be very happy if this song remains as glowing embers in everyone that watches the anime.

“Fire Force Season 2”
(C)Ookubo Atsushi, Kodansha / Special Fire Force Video PR Section