The 2nd “PARM Gyakushoku Report Video -Koyou Anata o Itadakimasu-” (PARM’s Being Eaten Report Video -Tonight I will Have You-) featuring the voice actor Itou Kento (known for his role as Kannonzaka Doppo from “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima”) pretending to be “PARM’s Affogato” and also an interview after the recording, has been revealed.

Itou is voicing the broad-mindedness healing type PARM for adults that is able to heal the daily fatigue softly.

Before the recording, Itou commented, “I love this! I can feel the mature feeling pushing in from the first bite!” which shows that it was indeed delicious when he tested out “PARM Affogato”.
Then, he commented with the enthusiasm, “I am unsure whether I am broad-mindedness or not, but I want to breathe life into PARM to heal everyone!”

After that, when he entered the recording booth, his soft and gentle expression has become serious. His rare appearance where he keeps repeating, “I’m Parm. I’m Parm. I’m Parm-san.” to himself can be seen.

For the “#Noukou Sauce ni Hamatte” (#Addicted to the rich sauce) scene that was chosen based on a vote, Itou had represented too with a passionate “PARM Affogato” feeling via the whisper that is melting.
During the last part of the video when Itou says, “The sweet yet bitter Affogato, I want to have it tomorrow as well”, he gave a wink that is filled with the adult’s charm, where fans must watch it.

The 2nd special movie with the making of “PARM Gyakushoku Report Video -Koyou Anata o Itadakimasu-” featuring the voice actor Itou Kento, has been released on “PARM” official Twitter account and also Morinaga Milk official YouTube.
The videos featuring GEN, the vocal, and bass of the rock band “04 Limited Sazabys” and Noguchi Iori from the idol group “=LOVE” have been released as well.