“PROJECT SCARD” so far has experienced the drama CD and character song production and has broadcast the voice actor programs, and now it is going to experience the TV anime adoption. The TV anime will be released as “Scar of Blaita” as a sequel to the drama CD and is scheduled on Jan. 2021 at MBS, TBS, BS-TBS’s “Animeism”. The casts and the promotion movie are also released this time.

“PROJECT SCARD” is the media mix project by Frontier Works. The story is set in “Akatsuki Special Area” inof Tokyo. The existence of protecting the city abandoned by the authority were the “Scards”, who own the tatttoos which sealed the gods. The defender of the city “Helios”, the defender of the organizations “Artemis”, and the defender of the rule “Special Police Force” use the abilities gained from the tatttoos. They continue to believe in their “justice” while fighting and struggles continue on a daily basis. This is the story of them living to their fullest in the ordinary days.

The cast members announced this time included Fukuhara Katsumi, playing Kurama Hokuto, Tsuda Kenjirou, playing the former Fresvelg, and Ueda Youji, playing the former Morrigan.
The main theme song will be sung by the 8 main characters. Check the promotion movie out to listen to the song.

TV anime “Scar of Blaita” will be broadcast from Jan. 2021 on MBS, TBS, BS-TBS’s “Animeism”

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