Voice actors Sawashiro Chiharu and Takeuchi Shunsuke have appeared on “TV Guide VOICE STARS vol. 15”, which will be released on Sept. 11. They both appear on the TV anime “'A3!' SEASON AUTUMN & WINTER”, and they have the first music session together with Leslie Kee on the serialization called “SUPER VOICE STARS”.

Sawashiro Miharu (playing Settsu Banri) and Takeuchi Shunsuke (playing Hyoudou Juuza) work together at the TV anime “'A3!' SEASON AUTUMN & WINTER”, and they had the first music session with Leslie Kee. Sawashiro commented, “I will make you shout that 'You (Sawashiro) is a handsome man, if he does not speak!”, while Takeuchi said, “I recommend everything! Please read thoroughly since every feature is excellent”.

Also on “TV Guide PERSON vol. 15”, it features “Male voice actors×Fashion”. Eguchi Takuya, who runs the collaboration project with apparel shops called “EGUMI”, Shirai Yuusuke, who started “MIDORI” on Mar. for loving green so much, and Nakajima Yoshiki, who has started a brand called “TRUE Self” on Jul., appeared on the magazine pages.

Other than these, a serialization called “Ikebo ni Aitakute”, written by Miyata Shunsuke, a member of Kis-My-Ft2 who is widely known for loving anime as Johnny's member, and the interview of Konishi Katsuyuki, who plays the protagonist in “BEM” called Bem.

“TV Guide VOICE STARS vol. 15” will be released on the book stores nationwide and online book stores. It is priced at 1,200 JPY (tax excluded). Frontpage will show Nishiyama Koutarou, who made the debut as a singer.

Purchase made at Animate and Amazon comes with an exclusive clear file.

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Comment from Sawashiro Miharu
I will not make you regret it after reading this magazine! Takeuchi-kun is so handsome like a model and I will make you shout that I am “handsome if I don't speak!”. Please check it out!

Comment from Takeuchi Shunsuke
I feel there is an update made every time I appear in Leslie's work. Please enjoy Leslie-san's work, since there is a lot of commitment made by him. I will recommend everything! Please watch it thoroughly.