On July 31, “‘Nishiyama Koutarou & Sakakibara Yuuki appearance live!’ 7/31 (Friday) Online entry to company briefing session-Welcome to the Wild Ideas Sales Department Season 2” had been live-streamed.

Starring Nishiyama Koutaro as Koutaro Nishiyama, Yuuki Sakakibara as Yuuki Sakakibara. Moreover, Yoshida Hisanori as Yoshida Hisanori had appeared in the VTR and encouraged Sakakibara as a new cast member.

In the second half of the program, a challenge of improvisation was held, which is the main fun of “Welcome to the Wild Ideas Sales Department”! Attention was also focused on Sakakibara’s hidden imagination power.

■What is “Welcome to the Wild Ideas Sales Department”?
“Welcome to the Wild Ideas Sales Department” is a story unfolded in the “Wild Ideas Sales Department”, the elite department of the general trading company “Ikebo Shoji” in Tokyo. The voice actors themselves become characters in suits and play the improvised love-hate drama.

The plot of the story changes depending on the votes of the audience and viewers, so even actors don’t know what is going to happen. The appearance of struggling to make the wild ideas real is attractive.

In Season 2, in addition to Komada Wataru as Komada Wataru of the accounting department, Sakakibara Yuuki as Sakakibara Yuuki, Yashiro Taku as Yashiro Taku from HR department, Ishitani Haruki as new character Ishitani Haruki.

■Wild Ideas power lesson at online briefing!

Broadcast of the online entry briefing session that enlivens the event “Welcome to the Wild Ideas Sales Department Season 2” is scheduled for Nov. 14. Nishiyama Koutaro has explained to the new cast memberSakakibara Yuuki about the world view of the work, and they also played an improvisational situation that fully demonstrated their power of wild ideas.

After introducing at the beginning of the program like at acompany entrance ceremony, Nishiyama, who heard Sakakibara’s voice, was praised as “cute!”
When Nishiyama asked him about the power of wild ideas that is the key of the work, Sakakibara confidently said, “It is no exaggeration to say that I am a master of wild ideas.”

Next was a video tape recording from Yoshida Hisanori, who welcomes you to join the company. He encouraged newbies, “I want you to learn from experienced Nishiyama seniors and prepare your mind for the performance in November.”
Sakakibara feels uneasy when he learns that the story will change depending on the wild ideas of Yoshida and the audience along with production. But thanks to the Nishiyama’s support, Sakakibara gets confident that the viewers will enjoy it and challenged each corner.

However, no one can predict what is going to happen during the broadcast. There was also a scene in which, while introducing people, he was forced to play an unexpected dialog defining his character.
Sakakibara, who has been performing the definitive dialogue for the first time, got confused and shy, “I’m embarrassed!” Nishiyama also sympathized with him, “I’m glad that you understandthat feeling.”

There is also a corner where you can recall Nishiyama’s improvisation at past events and broadcasts on video tape. “No way, I don’t want to see it ever again”, Nishiyama said while sweating on his forehead.

Sakakibara had also challenged the presentation of “Glasses and Shotaglass that makes children when they wear it”, which Nishiyama had played in the past. With a cute voice and movement, he shows off a wild idea situation, involving Nishiyama.
Sakakibara seemed unsure about improvisation, saying, “If you haven’t chosen your punch line, it will be difficult,” but Nishiyama praised it with, “the voice was so cute and fun for the delusional side.”

When Sakakibara asked how he could get prepared to perform improvisation, Nishiyama said, “Show the wild ideas that the customers want to see. Be careful, it’s important.” It’s amazing to see how on the stage audience and viewers were working on together.

In the second half of the program, it was decided to do a situation with the voting function on Twitter and challenged the wild ideas lesson. Nishiyama performed a dialog where he was locked up with a woman in the elevator alone, and Sakakibara performed a dialog where he didn’t want to go home from a drinking party with a woman who flirted with him.

When Sakakibara, who is famous for his roles of young boys, played the character of a company employee, the comment section got a great response. The viewers also get the fun of being able to freely manipulate voice actors in suits.
Since the archive of live broadcasts is open to the public, don’t forget to check out the wild ideas lesson wheretwo people challenged themselves.

Sakakibara learned about the depth of the work through the program. “It is tough but interesting. I want to train my imagination abilities by the time of the actual production, and move on to the Wild Ideas Sales Department”, he commented.

■The full program of the event has been revealed!

“Welcome to the Wild Ideas Sales Department Season 2” will be held at Shinagawa Grand Hall on Nov. 14, 2020.
The official website was updated after the live distribution, and the key visuals introduced on the program, the person correlation diagram, and the event application method have been added.

To prevent the spreading of the novel coronavirus, it has been decided that the event will have a different form from the previous years. Please check the latest information on the official Twitter as it may be changed to online broadcasting with no real audience.

■ Comments from the cast after the live broadcast

After the live broadcast, we conducted an email interview with Nishiyama and Sakakibara. We asked them about their impressions of the program and the wild ideas situations they would like to try in the future.

――Please tell us your impressions of each other on the live stream.

Nishiyama: I think Sakakibara-kun is a cheerful, fun, and brave person. I am looking forward to the future success of the event!

Sakakibara: Nishiyama is the best “older brother”!
This is the first time I met him in person, and he turns out to be a kind person who makes me feel at ease while talking and I was able to relax and have a lot of fun during the broadcast. (laughs)

He was very supportive and talked to me when I was nervous before the performance. Since I’m the oldest son, I have been wondering, “is this what it’s like to have an older brother?”

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would appreciate your continued support.

――Sakakibara-san, you join the show starting in Season 2. What was your first impression of the character you played?

Character visual of Yuuki played by Sakakibara
Sakakibara: I felt, “There are so many elements coming up!” Yuuki-kun has a lot of very sharp points: “negative”, “prone to illness”, “paranoid”, and “intoxicated by Mr. Wataru”. He’s brittle and weak… but only when Wataru is entangled, he becomes stronger.
Thanks to this gap, I was confident that it wouldbe fun to play from the first time I saw it, and I am very excited about the event.

Actually, I love suits, so I was very happy to be able to perform as I get a chance to wear a suit myself.
There is always that uplifting feeling that you can do anything when you wear a suit that fits perfectly (laughs).

What’s more, Yuuki-kun’s suit has a lot of elements that work on my second-in-one soul, increasing my tension. I’m grateful for it.

――Nishiyama-san, there is a question for you. What kind of wild ideas situation do you think suits Sakakibara-san?

Nishiyama: I think, he should fully use his cute voice and play elementary school students and chibi characters!

――Nishiyama -san, during the program, after improvisation, you said, “You can come back home after a nod.” What is your feeling when you nod and return to the standing position?

Nishiyama: I think, “You tried really hard. It’s just amazing that you wereborn. It’s a miracle.”

――Nishiyama-san, what are you expecting from Season 2?

Nishiyama: I’m looking forward to the chemical reaction that is creating bonds between members of other departments!

――Do you have any lines or situations that you would like to use with others on this live broadcast?

Character visual of Koutaro played by Nishiyama

Sakakibara: Nishiyama-san, whom I finally met, has soft and tendersides, so I definitely want him to say the line to set me as his younger brother.
If you praise me like “You did your best” or “I’m glad you did it properly”, I would be excited even more.

After finishing cleaning up the house, say, “Thank you for your hard work.” Such a situation is also good.
I would appreciate any situation where I could make the best use of the sweetness of my seniors. Thank you (laughs).

Nishiyama: The moody dialogue that I glimpsed during the show was also impressive, so I’d like to hear plenty of jealous dialogue!

――Please tell us about your impressions of the co-stars and the characters you are interested in in preparation for the event in November.

Nishiyama: I’m looking forward to each character. The relationship combination between the departments is interesting, so I’m looking forward to seeing the interaction live.
Especially in the accounting department…. It seems to have various meanings.

Sakakibara: Regarding the co-stars, I feel that “I get lost in a crowd of such luxurious people!” (laughs).
When you see the seniors with amazing skills in various fields, you will be constantly surprised and nervousabout how you work together.

Under such circumstances, I like to enjoy trials and errors like, “What can I do?”, and “How can I become like them?”
Even in the “Wild Ideas Sales Department,” I say, “I get another wonderful opportunity!” I’m looking forward to the event!

Wataru is still the most strikingcharacter. All the characters are of course attractive, but I am impressed by Wataru’s dark aura and power.
Yuuki-kun’s second year of middle school syndrome and the moody feelings of the accounting department may be paying off.
I want to push forward Wataru with Yuuki!

――I think you will touch customers who came to “wild ideas” live for the first time at the November event, but do you look forward with confidence to it?

Sakakibara: To be honest, I’m always confident before any work! I’m the most untrustworthy person in the world (laughs)!
That’s why I always re-think what more I can do. Of course, I hope that at this event, I will be able to bring the joy of wild ideas to people.

I’ll make sure that watching wilds ideas performance you will think, “This guy…! How he handles the power of wild ideas!”

――Finally, please send a message to all the fans who are looking forward to the event in November.

Nishiyama: Please run wild with wild ideas! You are free here! …Maybe (laughs).

Sakakibara: I think that everyone who is reading this message is looking forward to the future development of the Wild Ideas Sales Department.
I myself, who plays Yuuki who joined this time, is very motivated in the future of the Wild Ideas Sales Department, and I am very excited about the event.

I hope that until November you will be able to store all of this fun-filled wild ideas energy and use it to create and enjoy the future together. Thank you.