The outlines and advance cut-scenes of episode 3 “Sudden Shower” of the TV anime “Those Snow White Notes (Mashiro no Oto)” (Broadcast date on April 16, 2021) have been revealed.

“Those Snow White Notes” is based on the same-name manga by Ragawa Marimo that is currently being serialized on “Monthly Shounen Magazine”.
This is a “Tsugaru Shamisen x Youth” story depicting the teenager Setsu finding his own sound through the various encounters as he becomes unable to play the shamisen after his grandfather, the legendary instrumentalist of Tsugaru Shamisen, had passed away.

The title for episode 3 is “Sudden Shower”.
Shuri got her smartphone confiscated as she was found to be listening to music secretly during class.
The song that came from her earphone is “Shungyou”, the impromptu song by Setsu’s grandfather, Matsugorou.

When Setsu question Shuri on the song, she started to talk about her precious memory with her grandmother…

The broadcast date of episode 3 “Sudden Shower” of “Those Snow White Notes” is on April 16, 2021, on the “Animerism” slot of MBS, TBS, & BS-TBS, and other channels.

(C) Ragawa Marimo, Kodansha/ Those Snow White Notes Production Committee