Many Japanese companies put on displays at "C3AFA Singapore 2019", the largest anime event of all Southeast Asia held in Singapore from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1. "LUMICA" is the industry giant of LED penlights, which are used to liven up concerts and live events.

At LUMICA's booth, they sold various goods with the "Senkou Blade", which changes color with a click of a button, as their main product. "Senkou Blade" has 3 classes, 100, 200, and 300, each with different colors. The most popular class is the high-end 300 with 24 colors.

The basic penlights from the company are designed to be used at highlights such as the hook of the song. The Senkou Blade, on the other hand, is designed to be used during the whole live performance. Penlights and Daisenkous are popular for Otagei in Japan. People in Singapore get real-time information about Japanese idols and artists, and some even come to Japan to purchase these items.

LUMICA started to put on displays at "C3AFA Singapore" since 3 years ago. Many of the people coming to the booth are repeat customers. Since they bring their friends along, this gives LUMICA the confidence of the rising demands of the product.

Also, they conduct Otagei lessons at the booth. They believe spreading Otagei will expand the sales of their products.

LUMICA also holds competitions of "Cyalume Dance", a dance combined with straight and curved lines of Cyalume. A world championship is scheduled to be held in Kanda Shrine, Tokyo on Dec. 22. They put their efforts into not only the production of high-quality LED penlights but also how to spread their product.

Interview conducted in cooperation with C3AFA Singapore 2019.