Anime music video of “#Suppinpin de Go”, a song by voice actress Uchida Maaya, has been released as the latest web video for its beauty oil brand “Squalane” on May 25, 2020. In addition, a precious interview with Uchida, where she talks about her impressions of the music video and her private life, has also arrived.

In the video, Uchida has appeared in two roles: as an actress by playing the role of the main character OL (female office worker), and as a voice actress by voicing Squalane's mascot character “Hitoshizu-kun”.
Also, in the newly released “HABA Hitoshizu-kun 2020 'MV #Suppinpin de Go'”, she sings as a vocalist of the “Suppinpin Band”, performing a bright and refreshing song to support hardworking women.

In the music video, an anime character inspired by Uchida also appears and co-stars with “Hitoshizu-kun”. Along with him, she solves everyday stressful issues that many women can sympathize with.
Besides Uchida's singing voice, fans will be able to enjoy a retro and lovely world that is reminiscent of 1990's shoujo anime (anime for female teenagers).

The anime MV “HABA Hitoshizu-kun 2020 'MV #Suppinpin de Go'” featuring the song “#Suppinpin de Go” by Uchida, is now available for watching on the YouTube channel “HABA Laboratories”.

<The following is an extract of the interview>

[Uchida Maaya]
—You are the singing voice in this music video. Please tell us about the points you were particular about and what you struggled with.
When I sang it, I was told to do it “in a fresh way”, so I struggled to find a way to express that freshness. I also tried to add a lot of different chants, including that of Hitoshizu-kun. I think it's a funny song, so I hope that freshness has also been expressed in the right way.

—If you could be part of the anime world, what kind of character would you like to be?
I think it would be great to be able to do a lot of things, like using magic, flying, and so on. I want to be a magical girl, after all (laughs).

—If you could work in another profession for one day, what would you like to be?
I wonder what it could be… Maybe I'd like to try being a taxi driver! I actually like to drive, so I'd like to work as a taxi or bus driver.

—Do you drive by yourself on your days off?
Yes, I do. I like to drive by myself quite a bit. I wonder what it would be like as a real job.

—If you were a driver, what would you like to drive? Bus, taxi, truck, etc.
Maybe the bus. I'd like to try it because it's not a size I'm used to driving with. A bus guide would be great as well (laughs).

—In the music video, the character inspired by Uchida-san is saved by Hitoshizu-kun. Has anyone saved you recently in real life?
Mmmh… well, actually yes. Lately, I've been saved many times by my stylist. I like make-up and cosmetics, but fashion is kind hard for me. In situations either when I'm like, “I don't know what to do”, or when the western-style clothes I'm wearing are a perfect match, my colleagues are always there to help me. They're so reliable.

—What is it that heals you as Hitoshizu-kun does to your character?
The picture of a pet, I think. There is actually a big white cat at my parents' house. It is a longhaired cat… from the chinchilla species. Every time I see its picture, I feel healed. It's so cute, and also its brazenness makes me soothed.

—Please tell us about the secret to preserving beautiful skin.
I love things related to makeup and beauty cosmetics, so I'm pretty particular about them. By depending on the condition of my skin at a specific period of time, I enjoy for example using a type of cream in the winter, or a fresh beauty lotion in the summer. When it comes to moisturizing the skin, I usually carry a spray-type mist.

—Are there any other things you care of for your beauty, other than skin-care products?
I'm pretty careful about my pajamas when I go to bed and using good bedclothes. I also try to relax by burning aromatic oil when I go to bed, and I try to use a variety of things that are gentle on my skin. I also use sheet masks to warm my face, and masks with moisturizing ingredients. Sometimes I go to bed with it left on before a shooting day.