In fall 2020, an artist debut of the voice actor Nishiyama Koutarou from Lantis has been decided. Along with this, artist photos and a music video of the lead single have been revealed.

Nishiyama Koutarou is a voice actor well-known for voicing Natsume Minami from “IDOLiSH7”, Minagi Tsuzuru from “A3!”, and Shinkai Kanata from “Ensemble Stars”. In 2018, he first took the role of the main protagonist in the TV anime “School Babysitters”, winning the Best Rookie Actor Award at the 12th “Seiyu Awards” in the same year.
About this debut, Nishiyama commented, “Are you surprised? Because I am too!!!! I received a fantastic song with great words in it. I will deliver this to the audience with all my heart!”

The release of Nishiyama's debut mini-album “CITY” is scheduled for this fall. The title song “Mahiru Doki no Sutera (Stellas of the Noontime) is a song provided by Miyoshi Keita, and the lyric is written by PON, the vocal of the group “ORESAMA”. The visual work is classy but also tricky and humorous, and the concept of the sound is based on the City-pop.

Nishiyama Koutarou's debut mini-album “CITY” will be released this fall. More info about the artist activities will be announced on the official website.