In the TV anime “White Cat Project ZERO CHRONICLE”, the opening theme by Nishikawa Takanori and ASCA, and the ending theme song by Yasuda Rei have been revealed. The VTR comments from the casts and staff also have been revealed in the special program streamed on the internet, and it became a hot topic among the fans, whose expectations toward the broadcast on Apr. 6 are increasing.

“White Cat Project ZERO CHRONICLE” is a TV anime based on the smartphone RPG game called “White Cat Project”. The story of the anime is about the 3rd anniversary event in the game called “Zero Chronicle~The Original Sin~”.

In the web program which had been broadcast on Apr. 4, “Do look forward to the Anime #3 Celebration! The special official live broadcast prior to the anime broadcast!!”, the opening theme “Tenbin-Libra” by Nishikawa Takanori and ASCA, and the ending theme song “through the dark” by Yasuda Rei were revealed.

Also, the single release was decided on May 27. Both opening theme song and ending theme song will be released in 3 versions; First-run Limited Edition (CD and DVD), regular version, and the First-run Limited Edition with the anime jacket design (CD and DVD).
For the DVD in first-run limited edition, there will be music video and behind-the-scene, and in the limited edition with anime jacket, it contains videos of opening and ending theme songs. During the program, the comments from each artist, Kaji Yuuki, Horie Yui, and other casts were aired.

It has been decided that there will be a gift to those who purchased the CDs for both opening and ending theme songs. If the purchase or the pre-order for both opening and ending theme song CDs were made at the same time at selected stores, an original clear file will be given as a gift.
The follow and retweet campaign to “get an original alarm clock with passionate voice of Nishikawa Takanori!” has been held on the anime official Twitter. It will be held until Apr. 10.

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