Voice actress, Numakura Manami has announced the end of her artist activities. Together with that announcement, the sales of her complete best album, a final live performance, a the new artist photo and cover photo was released. Moreover, she will continue with her voice acting as usual.

After Numakura Manami announced her debut as an artist on Jul. 2016, she immediately performed in the biggest Anisong festival 「Animelo Summer Live 2016 -TOKI-」. At that time, her performance of her debut single 「Sakebe」, which was slated to be released and never heard of before became a hot topic. Following that, she released 4 singles and 2 albums and garnered attention to her presence through concert tours and performing in anisong festivals, both local and overseas.

Her complete best album that is slated for release contains songs from CDs that were only available for sale in fan club limited concert venues.The album will consist of 2 CDs, that contain 33 songs released up to the present as well as an addition of the new song,「Minna de!」,totaling up to 34 songs.As well as 3 Blu-ray Discs which contains 7 music videos inclusive of the music video for「Minna de!」.

Furthermore, the "Let's create FINAL LIVE「Minna de! 」!Project" will be held in the fan club where request for the songs that Numakura Manami will performed in the last live can be apply.
Song requests are not only limited to Numakura Manami's and can be from other artists as well. Non-members of the fan club are also able to request.
This last live will be exactly as the title "Minna de!" (Together with everyone), thus even non-fan can be part of it.

Numakura Manami COMPLETE BEST 「Minna de! 」 is priced at 4,500 JPY (tax not included) and will be released on Feb. 12, 2020. Numakura Manami FINAL LIVE「Minna de! 」 will be held in Toyosu PIT, Tokyo on Feb. 16, 2020.

●Product Information
Numakura Manami COMPLETE BEST 「Minna de! 」
Release on Feb. 21, 2020 (Wed)
Product Composition:2CD+1Blu-ray  
VTZL-168 \ 4,500+tax POS:4582575 38043 6

●Numakura Manami FINAL LIVE「Minna de!」
Date and time: Feb. 16, 2020
Opening time: 5 pm / Starting time: 6 pm
Venue: Toyosu PIT, Tokyo
Fee: 7,000 JPY (Tax inclusive・All Standing・Separate charge for Drink 500 JPY)

Fan club advanced lottery application: Nov. 25 (Mon) 12 noon ~ Dec. 8 (Sun) 11pm
 ※Up to two tickets per person

●Numakura Manami Mobile Fan Club 「AREA NU」
【Let's create FINAL LIVE「Minna de!」!Project】
Application period: Nov. 25 (Mon) ~ Dec. 22 (Sun) 11 pm
 ※Mobile Fan Club 「AREA NU」 will end on Mar. 31, 2020