The latest Live's Blu-ray & DVD, titled “NANA MIZUKI LIVE EXPRESS” by the voice actress and singer, Mizuki Nana, is on sales from Mar. 25. To commemorate the release, we had received the comment from Mizuki regarding the highlights of this item. Moreover, the videos featuring the two songs, “WHAT YOU WANT” & “METANOIA” from the concert are released on YouTube.

The LIVE Blu-ray & DVD “NANA MIZUKI LIVE EXPRESS” is a record of the concert that was held in ZOZO Marin Stadium. That was Mizuki's 200th solo concert, and the final concert of the live tour “NANA MIZUKI LIVE EXPRESS” held last year.
Various extravagant footages are included, such as the approximately 300 fireworks that were launched throughout the songs, which is a special feature of a summer stadium. The stadium was filled with the mobile's light according to the lyrics.

The videos featuring two songs from the concert are available on YouTube. The two songs, “WHAT YOU WANT”, which was performed while the venue was fired up by the Calls & response with the crowd after appearing with a loudspeaker on one hand, and “METANOIA”, which was performed along with AR effect of being surrounded with the fire after appearing on top of the convoy truck, named “Onana Yarou”. Each video is overflowing with Mizuki and impactful footages.

LIVE Blu-ray & DVD “NANA MIZUKI LIVE EXPRESS” is priced at 7,700 JPY (tax excluded) each from Mar. 25 onward.

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Mizuki Nana: The highlights of “NANA MIZUKI LIVE EXPRESS” are the large shining convoy “Onana Yarou”, AR and the fireworks…

I hope you will enjoy the flashy performance, the impressive performance filled with the EXPRESS spirit, which is my best passionate music and feelings, and the feeling of being one with the audience!!

It also contained an audio commentary taken from the stage, and the theatre performance of the enka (traditional-style Japanese popular ballad), which is the origin of Mizuki. I hope you will enjoy it!