KONICA MINOLTA Planetarium will release the video “【360° VR Video】 Hosoya Yoshimasa's Starry Sky Tour 《Spring》 Home Version+”, the video which the viewers enjoy the planetarium at home, from May. 1, 2020 for free.

This video is the recreation of “Hosoya Yoshitaka's Starry Sky Tour 《Spring》” for 【Home Version】, which originally had been scheduled for release on Mar. 2020. Also, it included an update of containing the seat images inside the dorm, which makes the planetarium opened exclusively for you.

The tour by Hosoya Yoshimasa, the voice actor known for playing characters including Yasuri Shichika from “Katana Gatari” and Orga Itsuka from “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Iron-Blooded Orphans”, will introduce stars and zodiac signs representing spring. It feels like you are walking together under the starry sky.

Furthermore, it is made for “360° VR Video”, which allows the viewers move their smartphones while watching, therefore the VR goggles will be filled with the sky full of stars.

“【360° VR Video】 Hosoya Yoshimasa's Starry Sky Tour 《Spring》 Home Version+” will be released from May. 1, 2020, on the official channel on YouTube.