TRIGGER, the studio in charge of the movie "Promare", releases the 2nd key visuals of their latest TV anime "BNA – Brand New Animal" (scheduled to broadcast from Apr. 2020).
They announced the cast of the main characters: Morohoshi Sumire, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Naganawa Maria, and Ishikawa Kaito. We have also received comments from the cast along with director Yoshinari Yo and scriptwriter Nakajima Kazuki.

"BNA – Brand New Animal" is an original TV anime by Yoshinari Yo as the director and Nakajima Kazuki as the scriptwriter teaming up for the first time.
The story is set in the 21st century, the existence of human beasts came to light after been hidden in the darkness of history. One day, Kagemori Michiru who has turned into a tanuki-being meets Ookami Shirou, a wolf-being, in a special area for human beasts called "Anima City".. As they try to solve the mystery of her transformation into a human beast, they unexpectedly get involved in a large incident.

The 2nd key visual that has been released depicts the protagonist, Kagemori Michiru dribbling right through her partner, Ookami Shirou.
The catchphrases "Tanuki-girl is Born!" and "Awakening of the Beast Gene" gives the design a mixture of pop yet cute and hardboiled yet passionate impression anticipating the birth of the odd duo.

In addition, Morohoshi Sumire, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Naganawa Maria, and Ishikawa Kaito were announced as the main cast.
Morohoshi takes the role of Kagemori Michiru, a highschool girl carrying a certain secret that turned into tanuki-girl escaped into "Anima City". Hosoya will be playing the human-hating wolf-being, Ookami Shirou who unwillingly has to take care of Michiru. Naganawa voices Hiwatashi Nazuna, a friend of Michiru who is a beautiful girl aiming to be an idol, and Ishikawa voices the young CEO of "Sylvasta Pharmaceutical", Alan Sylvasta.

TV anime "BNA – Brand New Animal" will be broadcast on "+Ultra" of Fuji TV from Apr. 2020. It will also be on air on BS Fuji and other channels.

<Full comments as below>
【Morohoshi Sumire】

<Comments on being on the show>
Since BNA is an original anime, I was excited to see how the story develops, and how Michiru expresses her self on screen. I couldn't wait to perform her.

<Comments on performing Michiru>
Michiru always stays natural. She has her own thoughts and she never gives up. She inspires me by tackling the problems in front of her with all of her might. Therefore I will also put my best effort into each script.

【Hosoya Yoshimasa】

<Comments on being on the show>
I'm very grateful and honored that I got the chance to work with scriptwriter Nakajima Kazuki-san and being able to perform as a duo with Moroboshi Sumire-san. I always felt something interesting out of the show since the audition. I'm really happy to be on the show.

<Comments on performing Shirou>
Careful and flexible, bold yet irresponsible… I want to try many things without being bound, therefore I considered all possibilities to build up the character of "Shiro". Please look forward to the broadcast.

【Naganawa Maria】

<Comments on being on the show>
I was really surprised. I thoroughly looked over the character settings of Nazuna as soon as I got the job. As I looked at her expressions and other small details, it made me wonder how Nazuna, Michiru, and BNA will turn out. Just the thought of it made me very excited about the after recordings.

<Comments on performing Nazuna>
I want to enjoy this role of the girl called Nazuna by performing her feelings and expressions as delicately as I can. I will do my best! Please enjoy!

【Ishikawa Kaito】

<Comments on being on the show>
I'm Ishikawa Kaito and I will be voicing Alan. I was surprised when I heard I got the job. It was a sudden audition and I was full of anxiety. But I was relieved when I heard about the title of the anime as good news.

<Comments on performing Alan>
Alan is full of mysteries and even I have much to learn about him. I look forward to getting to know more about him with each episode. I will do my best to keep up with his thoughts without missing each of his actions.

【Director Yoshinari Yo】
<Thoughts about the title "BNA – Brand New Animal">
The title says BRAND NEW ANIMAL, but it could also stand for BEAST NEW AGE, BEING NEO ANIMAL or even be a fusion of BEAST and DNA. They all have the same concept of a new existence that can become anything. The strongest message I put in the title is the liberation from anything that binds you, everything else is up to the audience who would be watching the show.

【Nakajima Kazuki】
<Thoughts about "BNA – Brand New Animal">
I think everyone knows how great director Yoshinari's animations are. I tried to assist him in every way to create what he wants. I believe this will be a new anime, a bit different from the work done by TRIGGER with director Imaishi. Please look forward to the show.

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