The latest information for the TV Anime “Monster Girl Doctor” was announced. First, the broadcast will start from Jul. 2020 and followed by the latest key visual, first PV and announcement of the additional cast.

“Monster Girl Doctor” is originally a light novel by Origuchi Yoshino (Author) and Z-Ton (illustrator) that is published by DASH X Bunko. The story takes place in a city where both monster and human co-exist and it depicts the daily life of Glenn Leitbeit – a specialist in monsters, who is handling a clinic.
The key visual feature the gathering of all the main casts. The assistant Saphentite Neikes who help Glenn and the cute appearance of the other monster girls can be seen in the first PV.

It was already announced that Toki Shunichi will take the role of Glenn, and Onishi Saori will take on the role of Saphentite, and the additional casts have been announced.
Bridcutt Sarah Emi will take on the role of the centaur Tisaria Scudia, Fujii Yukiyo will take on the role of the mermaid Lulala Haine, and Shimamura Yuu will take on the role of Aranya Trantella Alakunida who had the appearance of a spider.

The cast’s enthusiasm toward the broadcast in summer 2020 can be seen via the group photo and their comments. Other than that, the setting pictures of the main character are also released.

<Below are the full comment>
1: Please tell us your thought when your appearance was decided in “Monster Girl Doctor”.
2: Please provide a message to the fans anticipating to this anime.

【Glenn Leitbeit role: Toki Shunichi】
1: As this is my first time voicing the main role, I believe this is good news to those who had supported me up until now! As this is an interesting work, I will try my best to bring out its appeal to everyone!

2: The characters in this works are all voiced by amazing casts!! If there is any problem with the monster body… You will know about it in every episode, which is my mindset! I will try to avoid any mistakes so that everyone will be satisfied! Do look forward to it!

【Saphentite Neikes role: Onishi Saori】
1: During the audition, I voice Saphentite happily without any worries, so I was extremely happy that I got the role. I will do my best in voicing the mischievous Saphentite who is supporting Doctor Glenn!!

2: The cute monster girl will be moving in this animation! I hope you will look forward to this fantastic work as each character has an impactful appearance and interesting personality! … Lamia tail is quite convenient, isn't it… I realize about that during the after recording (haha).

【Tisaria Scudia role: Bridcutt Sarah Emi】
1: I was so happy! It was so interesting and fun when I had been voicing
Tisaria during the audition, so when I was decided on the role it made me even happier!

2: What type of monster girl does everyone like? As various monster girls appearing in this anime, I hope you will find your favorite one while watching how Doctor Glenn cures them. Watch it until the last episode!

【Lulala Haine, role: Fujii Yukiyo】
1: Although Lulala has a cuter appearance, it makes me unexpectedly tired but she is quite as she is optimistic and always tries her best. As this is a character who I can voice carefreely, I was happy when I got the role!

2: In this another world where humans and various monsters co-exists, I was healed by the kindness of Doctor Glenn who will cure each monster without any discrimination. Don't you think that the medical treatment scene of the monster girl is a bit erotic…? It is OK for medical purposes! Enjoy this fantasy world depicting the love comedy of healing the monster!

【Aranya Trantella Alakunida: Shimamura Yuu 】
1: Aranya Trantella Alakunida… it a long name isn't it. To be honest, I thought that I had failed the audition. I was shocked when looking at the cast list of the script I received! Actually, I got careless and I am filled with the thought of “What do I do with Aranya dialect!!”

2: It seems that this is a monster period, as there is a Lamia, Centaur, and Arachne. It quite a fresh idea for me. There are a lot of challenges for me on top of voicing her. I hope that everyone will enjoy the world of the monster girls in this animation.

(C)Origuchi Yoshino・Z-Ton/Shueisha・Lidworm Doctor Meeting