As the monster girl anime genre starts to lose steam, “Monster Girl Doctor” is announced to begin production next year. A teaser trailer was released showing preview visuals. The director will be Yoshiaki Iwasaki, director of “The Familiar of Zero”.

The anime is an adaptation of the light novel series written by Yoshino Origuchi, illustrated by Z-Ton, and published by Dash-X.
Set in the town of Lidworm, inhabited by magic and non-magic users alike, the doctor and magic specialist Glenn Litbeit is always busy doing… interesting medical examinations. Whether he’s busy inspecting the most inner gills of a mermaid, stitching back together the buttocks of a flesh golem, helping a harpy lay their eggs, or doing a very close inspection of dragon, making sure to examine every last scale. No matter how different they look, how different they’re made, or how different they act, it takes all he can to medically examine these monsters girls in order to save their lives, yet why does it always seem to end up becoming… dangerous?

Other confirmed staff members besides director Yoshiaki Iwasaki include the series screenwriter for “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” Hideki Shirane, the character designer of “Alice & Zoroku” TO-MAS are all joining forces. Arvo Animation, The company involved with the anime “We Never Learn” is in charge of the animation.

“Monster Girl Doctor” is scheduled to begin production next year (2020).

Below are comments released by the original author and illustrator.

Author: Yoshino Origuchi
I was very surprised to find out my work would be made into an animation.
To think that this book which I ended up writing at the request of a very niche market would start production to become an anime!
I’m looking forward to seeing how the monster girls I wrote will appear in their anime form.
I won’t stop my work in writing and in animation until the day every morally pure person starts to like monster girls.
Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys “Monster Girl Doctor”

Illustrator: Z-Ton
It’s been 10 years since I’ve started drawing these amoral girls…..
Finally, almost as if the government itself has recognized the universal fetishism of these girls, the production of this anime has now been made public. (That is a lie, it’s thanks to the author’s prowess!)
Although these girls aren’t real people, so it’s impossible to fall in love with them.
To be able to express one’s love of something that isn’t a person so openly without fear of the judgment of those around them, that is the times we are currently in.
And this story is the product of such a time. I hope everyone looks forward to it!

(C)Yoshino Origuchi・Z-Ton/Shueisha・Lindblum Medical Group