The first cast announcement of the new anime project “Higurashi When They Cry” has been held. Hoshi Souichirou will be voicing Maebara Keiichi, while Nakahara Mai will be the voice of Ryugu Rena.

“Higurashi When They Cry” is originally a horror mystery novel game by Dragon Knight 07 / 07th Expansion. The story is set in the early summer of 1983, when a mysterious incident occurred in a poor village called Hinamizawa. The first TV anime season was broadcast in 2006, and since then, various media mixes have been developed such as the second season, OVA, a live-action movie, and TV drama.

In the new anime project, Watanabe Akio (known for “Monogatari Series”) will be responsible for the characters' design, and Passione (known for “Wasteful Days of High School Girls” and “Highschool D×D HERO) will be in charge of the animation production. The first members of the cast have also been announced; Hoshi Souichirou as Maebara Keiichi, and Nakahara Mai as Ryugu Rena, the same actors as in the previous anime series and OVA.
In addition, a stage event featuring Hoshi, Nakahara, and Dragon Knight07 will be held at “AnimeJapan2020” MOON YELLOW stage from 14:20 on Mar. 21, 2020. Look forward to further news!

(C) 2020 Dragon Knight07 / Higurashi When They Cry Production Committee at the end of Higurashi
(C) 2006 Dragon Knight07 / Higurashi When They Cry Production Committee, Sotsu