The cast members and the characters of “The Movie Fushigi Dagashiya Zentiendo”, which will be the first animated movie in “Toei Manga Festival” from Apr. 24, 2020, have been released. The cast members are a talented actress, Iketani Nobue, and actress Tamaki Shiratori, whose acting has currently attracted public attention in “The Ship of Theseus”, TBS Sunday Theatre.

“Toei Manga Festival” is one of the Toei’s omnibus entertainment titles for children, which began in 1967 and has been held during long vacations such as summer vacations. “Fushigi Dagashiya Zentiendo” is the very popular children’s novel series among elementary and junior high school children, with over 1 million copies.
The subtitle of the movie has been determined to be “Tsuri Taiyaki” from the episode appearing in the original volume 1. Keiji, an 8-year-old boy who loves fishing, gets a mysterious snack “Tsuri Taiyaki”, which enables him fish taiyaki, and starts fishing with excitement, but……

The actress Iketani Nobue will act as Beniko, Zenitendo’s mistress who is a key character in this work, Kumagai Toshiki will act as Keiji, Shiratori Tamaki will act as Keiji’s sister Fuyuko, Watanabe Ikkei will act as Keiji and Fuyoko’s father, and Katayama Fukujuro will act as Sumimaru, Beniko’s cat.

Staff information has also been revealed: the director Tomioka Satoshi from KANABAN GRAPHICS, who worked on “Usavich” and “INAZMA DELIVERY”; the scriptwriter Kobayashi Yuji, who has been in charge of the “Ultraman series” and the “Precure series”; Michiru who worked on “Takarasagashi”, “Honzuki no Gekokujou – Shisho Ni Naru Tame Ni Shudan wo Erande iraremasen -” and others for music.

“Toei Manga Festival” including this work will be released from Apr. 24, 2020.

Character introduction
Beniko (CV: Iketani Nobue)
A mistress at Zenitendo. Uncertain age. Big and plump. It features her white hair tied up, lips worn red rouge and red-purple kimono with old coin pattern. She recommends the desired sweets to the customers who come to the store, taking a hint of their wishes.

Keiji (CV: Kumagai Toshiki)
A customer who drops by Zenitendo. An 8-year-old boy who loves fishing.

Fuyuko (CV: Shiratori Tamaki)
Keiji’s older sister.

Dad (CV: Watanabe Ikkei)
Keiji’s father. He breaks his promise to go fishing with Keiji.

Sumimaru (CV: Katayama Fukujuro)
A black cat Beniko has. He understands the words Beniko says. He is very clever, leads customers to Zenitendo, and stays home when she is not home.

(C) Hiroshima Reiko・jyajya / Kaiseisha (C) 2020 Toei Manga Festival Production Committee