The singer for the Japanese ver. of the theme song “Reflection” for Disney's latest live-action movie “Mulan” (release date: May. 22, 2020) has been announced.

“Reflection” was sang by Christina Aguilera and used as the theme song of the 1998's animation version of “Mulan” and there have been passionate fans for this song ever since. This sad yet impressive ballad expresses Mulan's emotional state and the complexity of her decision to dress up as a guy for the sake of her beloved family and hometown, and participate in a war that will ultimately determine the country's fate, all whilst thinking about “being oneself”.

The one who will sing that famous song will be Kizuki Minami who has sung various drama theme songs such as the inserts and the Taiga's travelogue theme of NHK Taiga Drama “Segodon” (2018). This is her first time handling the theme song for a western movie. Regarding her singing “Reflection”, she commented “I'm really glad that my wish came true!”.

Regarding the selection of Kizuki as the singer, Walt Disney Japan expressed their expectations, “Reflection is a song that is full of the message of 'wanting to be my true self' be oneself'. I am sure that Kizuki-san, who is able to sing each lyric kindly, will be able to start a reflection storm throughout the nationwide with her tremendous singing and her familiarity with a wide range of people.”

Moreover, together with the announcement of the singer, the “Reflection” MV was released as well. The video manages to represent Mulan's complicated feelings and the song's lyrics splendidly.

The movie “Mulan” will be released nationwide from May. 22, 2020.

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