The main trailer and the main visual for the animation movie “Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu” (release date: Jun. 5, 2020) have been released.
Also, it was announced that the voice actor Yamadera Kouichi and Ogi Hiroaki from the comedian pair Ogi Yahagi will participate in the movie as the additional cast members. The main theme song will be sung by Yorushika, the artist known for “Becoming famous on the internet”, and the song’s name is “Hana ni Bourei”. The comment from each person also arrived.

In the main trailer released now, Yorushika expressed the view of the world in the movie through the main theme song, “Haru ni Bourei”.

Yorushika participated in the movie as the main theme song artist, and their song complements the feeling of Muge to Hinode and deeply depicts the story.

Also, as the additional casts, Yamadera Kouichi plays the Owner Cat, an important character who invites the main character Muge to the world of “cats”, and Ogi Hiroaki plays Mr. Kusunoki, who is in charge of Muge and Hinode’s class.
It is known that Hanae Natsuki, who plays Hinode, entered the voice actor industry because he admired Yamadera, the legend among the voice actors, and this is the rare occasion where the teacher and the student participate in the same work.

Mr. Kusunoki, who is the teacher for Muge and Hinode’s class, was created by imaging Ogi playing the character since the performance director of this movie was a big fan of Ogi.
Mr. Kusunoki have a caring personality and lives in his own pace, and the appearance of the character matches well with Ogi’s characteristics.

The main visual released this time depicts Muge’s happy but also the sorrowful expression with the pale light, while Muge looks at Hinode playing with a cat.
The meaning hidden in this visual intensifies the expectations toward the story.

The animation movie “Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu” will be released in the nationwide movie theaters from Jun. 5, 2020.

<Full comments are listed below>
【Yamadera Kouichi, playing the Cat Master】
Q1. Your thoughts when your appearance in the movie was decided
Before I knew the movie’s story, I became happy to be able to participate in the movie, where Shida Mirai and Hanae Natsuuski play the main characters. Hanae-kun is the underclassman from the office I belong to and is so active that I even become jealous of his popularity. Shida-san is my favorite actress from “The Queen’s Classroom”, and I became even a bigger fan of her, witnessing her genius acting in this movie as well.

Q.2 About your character “the Cat Master”
He is mysterious, playing innocent, and evasive unique character. I had so much fun playing him.

Q.3 A message toward the fans and who will watch the movie
Changing feelings of the two characters, the ordinary scenes, and the mysterious world of cats…everything is neatly and delicately depicted in this wonderful movie. I want people from many generations, especially teens who often have many worries!

【Ogi Hiroaki, playing the homeroom teacher, Mr. Kusunoki】
Q1. Your thoughts when your appearance in the movie was decided
I don’t know what the staff are thinking because they offered me to play this character. lol The last time I played the character was the movies from overseas, so the staff there was mostly from abroad. I was relaxed in the recordings because I had a translator by my side, but I got nervous in this movie’s recordings because the staff was Japanese.

Q. 2 About your character “Mr. Kusunoki”
Actually, when I got an offer, I knew beforehand that the character was designed to imaging me. I only believed 50% of the story and participated in the recording, because the character Mr. Kusunoki had glasses on,a little old, looked fat, and it did look like me.
I played character naturally because the character actually looked like me. I still believe 50% of that story even after I finished recordings. lol

Q. A message toward fans and who will watch the movie
This is the movie that a family can watch together. Both adults and children can enjoy this movie, and I want everyone to watch this. I love works with family love, so I want the families to watch his as well. Also, I want the people who watch the movie to think that my character is a nice teacher. lol Like, “I want to have such a wonderful teacher like this!” lol It is long because this is the movie, but please refrain from using the smartphone in the movie theaters.

I often watch the movie from old times. I watch the movie every time I have free time, and the impressiveness I feel after I finished watching with harmony with music is irreplaceable. I often get charmed by movies that the story and the uniqueness of music fights.

The first word I received from the director was “do in a way you want”. Yorushika is the band that has a theme when making music, and it was the middle of making a new album with a new concept when I received the offer. I was happy to hear such words and realized that I have to go out of the decided concept and do freely, not only making the music with a concept.

The theme song used in this movie output the uniqueness of Yorushika. I expected the song to shine by fighting with the creativity of the movie while creating harmony with it. I can’t wait to see the movie at the theaters.

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