The omnibus movie “Toei Manga Festival” will be released on Apr. 24, 2020. The subtitles for the movie were decided, and the logo for each title was also revealed.

“Toei Movie Festival” is the omnibus movie for the children which started in 1967. It came back for the first time in 29 years in 2019, and it continues in 2020.
This year, the works included in the movie are; “Butt Detective the Movie”, “Kamen Rider Den-O”, “Mysterious Snack Shop Zenitendo the Movie” and “Recyclezoo”.

The subtitle for “Butt Detective” had already been reveled, implicating the great adventure, called “Butt Detective the Movie: Mystery of the Ladybird Remain”, and now the subtitles for the other 3 have been revealed.

The subtitle for “Kamen Rider Den-O” became “Pretty Den-O on Stage!”.
“Den-O” is the tokusatsu drama broadcast from Jan. 2007 until Jan. 2008. Den-O fights against villains by possessing his friends called Imagine, and several movies of the series were created even after the show was over.
It has been 10 years since the last “Den-O” series, “Kamen Rider×Kamen Rider×Kamen Rider THE MOVIE Super Den-O Trilogy” has been released. The excitement among the fans are increasing, waiting for information on Pretty Den-O.

“Mystery Snack Shop Zenitendo” is a fantasy which the master of the snack shop Zenitendo Beniko sways the fate of the customers with the snack. The original book was the children's book aimed for 3~6 grade students in the elementary schools, and there are more than 1 million copies sold. The subtitle for the 1st animation was decided to be “Taiyaki Fishing”.

“Recyclezoo” is the adventure of the explorer duo, Yamaori and Taniori, whose bodies are made of card boards. The subtitle was decided to be “Defend! Thursday is the day for Recyclable Trash”, which implicates some struggles.

“Butt Detective the Movie/ Kamen Rider/ Mysterious Snack Shop Zenitendo the Movie/ Recyclezoo (Toei Movie Festival)”
Release date (nationwide): Friday, Apr. 24, 2020