“Sharedol” is a joint pilot film project by the new IP development team of Toei Animation “PEROs” and the young producer of Sotsu. It has been released on Toei Animation official YouTube channel on October 25, 2021.

“Sharedol” is an “Edo X Idol” entertainment movie with the keywords of “In a world like this, let’s relax!!!”, and it depicts a guy that came from the Reiwa period in producing the “Edo’s Girl” with the modern idol knowledge.
The 6 young girls that the main protagonist is producing are the tea store’s girl, the martial art girl, Holland’s firm’s girl, merchant’s daughter, courtesan, and a kunoichi. Each of them has their own respective life and they are involving the Kansei’s Edo in the turmoil as Japan and the world (?) first’s “Idol”.

The highlights of the footage are the magnificent live scenes featuring the “Edo’s Girl” in the traditional Japanese idol clothing with the glitter of the dazzling lanterns as well as the video expression of the brand new “Neo Edo” that combines “Kansei Reformation” and “Reiwa Period Idol Culture”.
Do also check out the fantastic idol live that fully makes use of the various stuff of “Edo”, such as remaking the kimono as the stage clothing and the lanterns as a replacement of the light sticks.

Various information of “Sharedol” have yet to be announced, such as the name of the main character and the voice actresses. The staff is trying to create this work “together” with the fans while checking their feedbacks regarding the setting, footage, and music.
So, please post your thoughts, opinions, etc. such as “I think this name is suitable for this character!”, “I would be nice if the voice actress is this person!”, and “How about you do it like?” on the comments of YouTube.
The back stories on the production are scheduled to be released from October 25 on the official Twitter account that will transmit the latest information of this work .

■ Staff
Planning, Production: Umezawa Atsutoshi (Toei Animation), Nanba Hideyuki (Sotsu)
Chief Producer: Fukase Shintaro (Toei Animation), Funahashi Takayuki (Sotsu)
Producer: Higurashi Kouki (Sotsu)
Director: Kanno Yoshihiro
Character Design, Chief Animation Director: Yoshida Minami
Art Design, Background: Matsumoto Kenji
Coloring, Color Selection/ Checking: Nagata Takashi
Photography Director: Nakano Ryoutarou
Editing: Maki Nobutake
Animation Production: Toei Animation, Dangan Pictures
Production Committee: Toei Animation, Sotsu

■ Music
Lyric: Mutsumi Sumiya, Composed: Takatori Hideaki, Arranged: Kagoshima Hiroaki, Vocal: Lir:∀

(C) Toei Animation, Sotsu