From “Kamen Rider Zero One” comes “DX A.I.M.S. Narikiri Set” which contains the Progrise Keys used by Fuwa Isamu and Yaiba Yua of A.I.M.S (Artificial Intelligence Military Service) and the A.I.M.S. custom Rise Phone. Pre-orders are available at “Premium Bandai”.

The “Unopenable Shooting Wolf Progrise Key” has its unfolding gimmick fixed in place to reproduce the Shooting Wolf Progrise Key used by Fuwa Isamu in episode 2 which is “locked because it hasn't been authorized by Yaiba Yua”.

By pressing the button on the top, the Progrise Key will play recordings of lines by Fuwa Isamu such as “HumaGears hurt people! They are enemies of the human race!” or the sound effect of the Progrise Key being opened. Do take note that the Shooting Wolf Progrise Key cannot be physically opened.

The “Rotating Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key” has a ring on the back for rotation. The Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key can be held by putting your finger through the ring just like Yaiba Yua did. This Progrise Key also has a button on the top, and by pressing it, lines by Yaiba Yua such as “I have the right to command A.I.M.S. to be armed!” will be played.

The “Rise Phone” is reproduced as the one used in A.I.M.S. and by pressing the button on the side, it will play lines by Fuwa Isamu and Yaiba Yua such as “I'm Yaiba Yua, the technical advisor. And this is the inspector… (Yaiba)” “Fuwa Isamu. Prepare yourself. Choose your words wisely or we'll arrest you. (Fuwa)”. Together with the “A.I.M.S. Exclusive Rise Phone Cover”, which is created just for the Rise Phone, let's enjoy the world of “Kamen Rider Zero One”!

“DX A.I.M.S. Narikiri Set” is priced at 5,280JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are available at “Premium Bandai” and shipping is scheduled for Jul. 2020.

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