The 2nd round of wafers with a bonus gift of the TV anime “Oshi no Ko” are currently available for pre-order on Premium Bandai.

“Oshi no Ko” is a TV anime based on the manga by the amazing duo of Akasaka Aka and Yokoyari Mengo. The story depicting the entertainment business from a completely new angle has surpassed 1.65 million copies in circulation. Goro, an OBGYN doctor in a regional city, has a “nightmarish” encounter with Ai, a member of his favorite idol group, B-Komachi. Ai has a forbidden secret, and their meeting sets destiny in motion.

The 1st season of the TV anime was broadcast from April to June 2023, generating a lot of hype. The 2nd season centering on what awaits Aqua, Arima Kana, and Kurokawa Akane, who were cast for the 2.5-detention stage play “Tokyo Blade”, begins on July 3.

A 2nd round of wafers with collection cards featuring characters from “Oshi no Ko”, such as Ai, Aqua, Ruby, Arima Kana, MEMcho, and Kurokawa Akane, has been announced. The metallic plastic card collection of 29 designs includes newly drawn illustrations, and the special cards are given a luxurious hologram film finish.

Let’s enjoy the caramel cream flavored wafers along with the collection of cards!

“Oshi no Ko” Wafers 2 comes in a pack of twenty at the price of 3,300 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are accepted on Premium Bandai until orders reach the prescribed number. Shipping is scheduled for September 2024. Check out the product page for further details.

– Product Details –
“Oshi no Ko” Wafers (pack of 20)
Price: 3,300 JPY (tax included)
Delivery: Scheduled for September 2024

Individual pack content
– 1 metallic plastic card (29 designs in total)
– 1 caramel cream flavored wafer
*Sold only in sets.
*A single set does not include all designs.

Card materials: PET, PP
Size: Approx. H83mm x W56mm
For ages 15 and older

Expiration Date
Products with a shelf life of at least 1 month will be shipped.
*Due to shipping and other factors, The product may not arrive on the release date.

(C) Akasaka Aka x Yokoyari Mengo / Shueisha, “Oshi no Ko” Production Committee