“Abdominal muscles” of “Gut Buster Taro” appearing in “Kamen Rider Zero-One” has been turned into a real item using silicon material. Currently, Pre-orders are available at Premium Bandai.

The motif of this product, “Gut Buster Taro's Abs,” is an abdominal muscle part that can be obtained if you are lucky when “Gut Buster Taro” performs his one-liner, “Abs Power”. It is a versatile item (?) that can be used as an decoration, as a lucky item, can be carried around, or can be used freely in whatever way imaginable.

Contrary to its simple modeling, the main body has a complex finish of a mixture of silicon, polyethylene and aluminum. It's almost as a masterpiece that a craftsman of abdominal muscle parts created one by one painstakingly. Meanwhile, it is packed as a special box specification with a classy sign of “Buster” embossed.

The price of “Gut Buster Taro's Abs” is 3,300 JPY (tax included). Reservations are currently available at Premium Bandai, and the products will be shipped in Jun. 2020.

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