The “Sisquiede” from “SD Gundam G G GENERATION Mono-Eye Gundams,” a Wonder Swan Color exclusive game in the “Gundam” series, has become a figure again as a “G Frame FA” toy. The product is currently available for pre-order exclusively through “Premium Bandai”.

The Sisquiede is a high-mobility prototype Mobile Suit developed by the Titans in “SD Gundam G GENERATION Mono-Eye Gundams” as an escort machine for the super-massive mobile armor “Tera-S’ono”.

Although its exterior is of the Gundam type, it is called a “Mono-Eye Gundam” because it uses a mono-eye camera.

This product, “Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA Sisquiede”, is available in two colors, Titans and A.E.U.G color scheme.
Both are based on the “Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame Sisquiede” released in August 2019, and have been renewed to full armor (FA: Full Armor) specifications, with improved armor frames on the arms and thighs, and even the back is clad in armor. A beam saber and a special pedestal are also newly included.

The “I-Field Launcher”, a large composite weapon that has become a distinctive feature of the Sisquiede, is also included. Although the size of the launcher is larger than the Sisquiede, it can be posed in a shooting position by using the dedicated pedestal for the launcher.

The Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA Sisquiede (Titans Color Scheme) and Sisquiede (A.E.U.G. Color Scheme) are priced at 4,950 yen each (tax included).
Pre-orders are currently being accepted exclusively through “Premium Bandai” and are scheduled to ship in March 2024.

Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA Sisquiede (Titans Color Scheme) Premium Bandai Limited Edition
Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA Sisquiede (A.E.U.G. Color Scheme) Premium Bandai Limited.

Retail price: 4,950 yen (tax included)
Delivery date: Scheduled to ship in March 2024

●Colorized Model (partially assembled) 1 set
Sisquiede (A.E.U.G. Color Scheme)
●Gum (soda flavor) 1 piece

Material: Body and pedestal: ABS
Size: H approx. 110mm x W approx. 70mm
Ages: 15 and up
(C) Sotsu, Sunrise