The cast and staff information for the TV anime “Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time” (broadcast on Jul. 2020) is announced. It was announced that Shimono Hiro (as the main protagonist Peter, who got toy by the inter-species girls), Taketatsu Ayana, Yamamura Hibiki, and others will appear.

“Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time” is an Isekai, sexy, and comedy manga by Hiyama Daisuke.
The story takes place in a world with swords and magic. Peter Grill from the Yakeppachi Warrior Guild had won the battle festival magnificently and obtained the title of the strongest man on the ground.
With this, the marriage with his lover Luvelia will be acknowledged. However, with great power comes great responsibility… Orge. Elf. Orc. Various inter-species girls are aiming toward Peter seed for their purpose of having a descendant of the strongest on the ground, as if he will squirm anytime now…

The main casts were announced.
The physical strong but mentally weak, Peter Grill (voice by Shimono Hiro), the perfect knight on a glance but has no knowledge about “sex” due to his father's education influence, Luvelia Sanctos (voice by Ninomiya Yui).
The girl who uses her position as an underclassman to obtain Peter's seed, Mimi Alpacas (voice by Taketatsu Ayana), and Mimi's elder sister who is betting on her pride as an Orges for Peter's seed, Lisa Alpacas (voice by Yamamura Hibiki). The girl who threatens Peter just to get his seed, Vegan Eldriel (voice by Uehara Akari) and the girl who toy Peter with her shy devoted personality and her voluptuous body, Piglette Pancetta (voiced by Senbongi Sayaka).

Moreover, the famous craftsman in the sexy anime industry, Tatsumi will be the director for this all aged anime.
Do look forward to the future development and how will be the anime adaptation of a work that makes even the author worried about it, “Will it be okay to broadcast it in terrestial TV?”.

TV anime “Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time” will broadcast from Jul. 2020 in TOKYO MX, and others

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