A new promo video showcasing character voices by each performing cast for TV anime “Dokyu Hentai HxEros” was released. In conjunction, the broadcast date was announced to be set somewhere in 2020.

The same-name manga in which the anime was based on is written by Kitadari Ryoma and serialized on “Jump Square” magazine published by Shueisha.

The plot surrounds the protagonist Enjo Retto, a member of the organization “HxEros” that fights against an unknown invader known as the Kiseichu, which absorbs peoples' erotic source of energy, known as “H energy”.

In the video, the five H and Ero, that is protecting the peace of Saitama, was introduced in their hero appearance and the calling of the anime title from the performing cast was featured as well..

(C)Kitadari Ryoma/Shueisha・”Dokyu Hentai HxEros” Production Committee