“Steins; Gate” is a scientific adventure that reached the 10th anniversary, now becomes a Hollywood movie. News were announced at “Science ADV Live S;G 10th Anniversary”, a live event held at ZeppDiverCity[TOKYO] on Jan. 26, 2020.

The original game of “Steins;Gate” was the 2nd scientific adventure series released on Xbox 360 in 2009 as a next game to “Chaos Head”. An Akihabara invention circle “Future Gadget Laboratory” accidentally finds a time machine, and will be involved in a mystery that decides the world's fate.

The series was also released on the games other than Xbox 360, became TV anime, a movie, a play, etc, and had several opportunities in different forms, and now it becomes a live-action Hollywood TV series drama.
The studio “Skydance Television”, the studio known for “CIA Inspector Jack Ryan”, “Altered Carbon”, and “Grace & Frankie” will be in charge of the production and will be aired worldwide.

The cast members and the release date of the Hollywood live-action drama “Steins;Gate” have not been announced at this moment. Look forward to further news!