Ongoing movie “Rurou ni Kenshin The Final” marked 5.3 billion JPY box-office revenue, and this ranked on the top of 2021 live-action movie revenue. (At the point of this article’s release)

Commemorating this achievement, the making movie behind the scenes featuring Satou Takeru (Himura Kenshin) and Kamiki Ryuunosuke (Seta Soujirou)’s surprise co-starring, and the offshoots photographs were released all at once. Moreover, the visual for the 2nd item of 3 week-special visitor’s gift from June 26, 2021 called “’The Final’ Photo Card” has been announced.

“Rurou ni Kenshin The Final” is released in 2 parts: the first part “The Final” is based on the last episode of the original manga called “Jinchu Arc” and the 2nd part “The Beginning” is based on “Nostalgy Arc” that approaches to the secret of crossed scar” of Kenshin.

In “The Final”, Seta Soujirou, who fiercely fought with Kenshin in the previous movie “Rurou ni Kenshin Kyoto Fire Arc/The End of the Legend Arc”, surprisingly appears, and dream co-starring with Kenshin is now accomplished. The appearance of Kamiki Ryuunosuke as Soujirou had not been revealed until the release, and the original setting in the movie both surprised “Rurou ni Kenshin” series fan and the manga fans.

The making movie of the scene that Kenshin and Soujirou’s co-appear is released.
The video recorded Satou and Kamiki exchanging ideas and thinking about actions one by one, and it showed that both actors trusted each other and brushed-up the co-starring scenes.
Moreover, in the scene where the both players jump off from the 2nd floor, Satou and Kamiki seemed to trust each other, and Satou proposed ideas as the both actors reviewed the movie to make it more impressive. They seemed to try their best.

Kamiki commented on Soujirou, that “He is my favorite character and I am glad that I could play him one more time”. He expressed happiness toward surprising offer.

Satou commented on co-starring with Kamiki, that “I sometimes feel stressed from playing the scenes together with other actors because I get nervous, but the scenes with Kamiki-kun never got me stressed and I was relaxed when playing scenes”, and he implicated that the scenes of Kenshin and Soujirou could be completed because the both actors matched perfectly.

The 2nd item of 3 week-special visitor’s gift “’The Final’ Photocard”’s visual is revealed this time, and it was the scene phots of Kenshin and Soujirou.
Fans must get this gift.

“Rurou ni Kenshin The Final” is currently available at theaters.

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