“Tower of God”, a globally popular webtoon read by 4.6 billion people has been determined to be adapted into an anime with the title “Kami no Tou -Tower of God-” and it will be released in Spring 2020. In addition to that, teaser visuals depicting “Baam”, a boy who has never seen the sun, and “Rachel”, a girl who longs to see the night sky are revealed.

“Tower of God” is originally from the comic by SIU and it was first serialized on “NAVER WEBTOON” from Korea in 2010, later begin serializing on “LINE Manga” from Japan in 2018. The comic has been translated into 28 languages.

For “Baam”, a boy who has never seen the sun, “Rachel”, a girl who longs to see the night sky, was everything. One day, the door of the legendary Tower where the top had been told that everything you want such as power and money can be attained there, appeared in front of “Rachel”. She left “Yoru” just to pursue the night sky and entered the Tower and “Baam” chase after her.
The growing story of a boy named “Baam” and a secret behind the story of Baam and the Tower of God will be adapted into an anime.

Revealed teaser visuals describe Baam and Rachel facing each other. Moreover, behind them, the door is drawn as if the Tower's door was waiting for the two.

TV anime “Kami no Tou -Tower of God” will start to broadcast in the spring of 2020.

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