“The Genie Family”'s new series in the recent 50 years, “The Genie Family 2020” will be broadcast from Apr. 11, 2020. Akubi, a daughter of Hakushon Daimao, will be the protagonist, and the story will be set in Tokyo 50 years after the previous series. Hakushon Daimao will be played by Yamadera Kouichi, and Akubi will be played by Moroboshi Sumire.

“The Genie Family 2020” is the new series of the comedy anime, “The Genie Family”, which was aired 50 years ago.
The story is set in modern- day Tokyo. Akubi arrives at the place of Yodayama Kantarou, the grandson of the previous master of Hakushon Daimao Kan-chan, to be trained as a queen. Akubi experiences several queen trainings, and learns the importance of having a dream as she grows up together with Kantarou.

The theme of this anime is “the importance of having a dream”, and Kantarou experiences several jobs in the modern day. There will be job trivia introduced to the fans, and it can be enjoyable not only for children but also for the adults. The familiar jokes stay the same, and the family members can enjoy it together.

In addition to Yamadera Kouichi as Hakushon Daimao, and Moroboshi Sumire as Akubi, Puta, the son of Daimao will be played by Yamashita Taiki, and Shimabukuro Miyuri will play Yodayama Kantarou.

The anime”The Genie Family 2020″ will start from Apr. 11, 2020 on Yomiuri TV・Nippon TV related channels (excluding certain areas in Japan).

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【Nagai Yukiharu, the producer】
The greatest work in Showa era will come back to Reiwa era.
The anime has been repeatedly aired since 50 years ago, and I believe everyone in Japan knows “The Genie Family”. It will take in differences between Showa and Reiwa, and I will make it enjoyable to all generations from the grandparents to the grandchildren by sharing how things were like in the period they lived.

(C) Tatsunoko Production・Yomiuri TV