The musical stage reading “MARS RED” will be the first original stage reading to become an anime. The broadcast will be in 2021.
Not only an anime but various media mix of “MARS RED” will begin under the “MARS RED Project”. We have also received comments from the production staff such as original writer/audio director Fujisawa Bunou and character drafter Karakara Kemuri.

“MARS RED” is originally written, scripted, and directed by the playwriter Fujisawa Bunou, who is titled “the leading person in musical stage readings”. Manga writer Karakara Kemuri, known for “Laughing Under the Clouds” and “Laughing in Limbo”, is in charge of the main visual.

The TV anime takes on the same plot as the original work. The story is set in the Taisho era where it depicts the action ofthe “Special Unit 16” aka “the Zero Agency” of the anti-vampire organization secretly formed by the Japanese government . The characters will be designed by Takeuchi Yukari from “Norn9”, based on the character draft of Karakara Kemuri.

The other staff are; Fujisaki Junichi from “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” and “BLOOD+” as series composer/scriptwriter, Muranaka Toshiyuki who has worked with Fujisawa on musical stage readings for many years as music composer, Fujisawa himself as the audio director, and the animation will be done by SIGNAL.MD from the IG Port group.

At this point, the “MARS RED Project” only has this anime adaptation and the manga serialized in “Monthly Comic Garden” drawn by Karakara Kemuri, in process. However, they have revealed to have plans for other media.
In conjunction with the anime adaptation, they have begun to recruit members of the “MARS RED Project” fan club “Special Unit 16”. They will be accepting applications via registration of e-zines. You will obtain a membership card, membership number, and many other benefits. The earlier you apply the better the benefits are.

This is the first time to create an anime based on a musical stage reading. The whole project including the anime will be something you don't want to miss.

<Full comments are as below>
【Fujisawa Bunou: Original Writer/Audio Director】
My “MARS RED” is becoming an anime and take off to Japan and the world. It started as a musical stage reading, became a manga through Karakara Kemuri-sensei, and now, as a new media mix, is becoming an anime. I will also be the audio director and my sworn friend Muranishi Toshiyuki-shi is in charge of the music! I'm grateful for all of it!

【Karakara Kemuri: Character Drafter】
Congratulations on the anime adaptation! Of the many Fujisawa stage readings, MARS RED has complex settings and relationships of the characters. I'm already excited since I always wanted to see this piece of work in motion. It is really an honor to be a part of this world in which various people work in unity. Make sure you watch the show!

【Fujisaki Junichi: Series Composer/Script Writer】
The first thing that came to mind when I was asked to take part in this project was that a stage reading draws pictures in the minds of the audiences. That's why I tried “drawing” the script instead of “writing” it. Bunou-kun and I have created a new stage for the attractive world and the characters in it. Please look forward to the show.

【Muranaka Toshiyuki: Musical Composer】
Congratulations on the anime adaptation! Fujisawa-san and I have come a long way creating stage readings together. We've put in soooo much love and trouble in to are work, haha. I want to make everyone say “The music of 'MARS RED' is awesome!”. Please praise me, haha. I will do my best…

【President of SIGNAL. MD Morishita Katsuji: Animation】
I remember the early days of meeting Fujisawa Bunou-san and saying “It would be nice if a stage reading by Fujisawa-san becomes an anime.” I'm so glad that that day has come. We would be grateful if you could give us your warm support towards this very first attempt in the anime scene.

“MARS RED” Anime Adaptation in 2021
(C)Fujisawa Bunou/SIGNAL.MD/MARS RED Production Committee