Hasegawa Machiko, the original author of “Sazae-san”, is about to celebrate her 100th birthday in 2020. A special commemorative show titled “Sazae-san Hasegawa Machiko Sensei 100th Birthday Special”, will be broadcast on Fuji TV from 6 pm on Feb. 2 (Sun).

Hasegawa Machiko was born on Jan. 30, 1920 in Saga Prefecture as the third daughter of the Hasegawa family, she became an apprentice to Tagawa Suihou, the creator of “Norakuro”, which she loved reading since she was 14 years old. In the following year, at the age of 15, she made her debut as professional manga artist.
The serialization of “Sazae-san” started when Hasegawa was 26. The series continued for a long period of 28 years, but during that time Hasegawa suddenly set off on a long-term overseas trip, since she was stressed out for the work.

The comic essay “Sazae-san Tabi Aruki” will be animated for the first time in “Sazae-san Hasegawa Machiko Sensei 100th Birthday Special”.
Hasegawa, who loved traveling like no other, went on a number of trips to her interested cities both in Japan and abroad, during her busy writing activities. The animated version will be depicting the writer in her interesting travels.

Toda Keiko, who is an active actress in the entertainment world, will be playing Hasegawa Machiko. Toda also played the role of Hasegawa in the special animation “Sazae-san Uchiakebanashi”, which was broadcast on Dec. 26, 2010 to commemorate the 65th anniversary of “Sazae-san” 's birth. As this is the second time, Toda's cheerful voice will make the show more exciting than ever.

In addition, the regular episodes will be also prepared, including “Aa ga yomemasu ka?”, “Kaa-san no Wasuremono”, and “Masuo
Ryuu, Kenkouhou”.
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[Role of Hasegawa Machiko: Toda Keiko]

I had played the role of Mrs. Hasegawa in “Sazae-san Uchiakebanashi” previously. Now I'm very honored that they called me again to play the part in the main story of “Sazae-san”. The recording was very hard to make since I did all the talking (laugh).
I'm really proud to be on the great show of “Sazae-san”. I was also glad to see some of the regular performers. It was as if Midori Katou was Sazae-san itself, she has a powerful aura with great energy! I learned a lot from watching her performance. I've been, and I will always be a fan of “Sazae-san”.

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