The broadcast date of TV anime series adapted from the webcomic “Tower of God”, which exceeded 4.5 billion views worldwide, has been decided on Apr. 1, 2020. Along with it, the main visual and a promotional video have been revealed.
The main cast members were also announced including Ichikawa Taichi playing the role of the protagonist Bam, and Hayami Saori playing the role of the heroine Rachel. Comments were received from the cast as well.

“Tower of God” is originally a digital comic by SIU which started its serialization in “NAVER WEBTOON” in Korea from 2010. In 2018, it was serialized in Japan through “LINE Manga” and is currently translated into 28 languages.

For the boy “Bam” who has never seen the sun, the little girl “Rachel” who loves looking up at the starry sky was all he had. One day, a legendary tower’s gate appears in front of “Rachel”. It is said that, “If you climb to the top of the tower, you will be given whatever you want, fortune or power”. To get close to the starry sky, “Rachel” decides to leave “Bam” behind and enter the Tower of God. “Bam” heads to the Tower to follow her tracks.
It is a story that revolves around the growth of the young boy “Bam” and his relationship with “Rachel”, along with the secrets hidden behind the Tower of God which are gradually revealed.

The main cast members are; Ichikawa Taichi voicing the protagonist Bam, Hayami Saori playing the role of the heroine Rachel, and Otsuka Houchuu voicing Headon, the guardian of the Tower’s first floor.

The main visual depicts six characters with the protagonist “Bam” placed in the center. The expression of “Rachel”, who is drawn next to “Bam”, looking down to the sky lets you imagine the difficulties they encounter during their journey.
In the promotional video, various characters including Bam, Rachel, Headon, and a few others are shown in a tense world where every character’s desire and intent are in conflict with each other.