The latest PV featuring the theme song of the TV anime adapted webtoon “Kami no Tou -Tower of God-” (start broadcasting on Apr. 1), which has collected more than 4.5 billion views worldwide, has been released. The opening theme song has been determined to be “TOP -Japanese ver.-” by the boys group from Korea, Stray Kids.

The original of “Tower of God-” is a comic by SIU, which started being serialized in 2010 at “NAVER WEBTOON” in Korea. It was serialized in Japan through “LINE Webtoon” in 2018 and is currently translated into 28 languages.

For the boy “Twenty-Fifth Bam”, who had never seen the sun, the girl “Rachel”, whopursued the starry sky, was his purpose of living. One day, the door of a legendary tower, which has been passing down that “If you climb to the top of the tower, you will be given whatever you want, even money and power”, appears in front of “Rachel”. Just to pursue the starry sky, “Rachel” leaves “Bam” and enters the Tower of God. “Bam” follows her and heads to the Tower of God.
As the story progresses, the growth of the boy “Bam”, the relationship between “Rachel” and him, and the secret of the Tower of God hidden behind it, become unveiled.

The latest PV released this time has lyrics displayed in good rhythm to the new song “TOP -Japanese ver.-” by Korean boys group, Stray Kids, who just made its debut in Japan on Mar. 18. It has a glimpse of the worldview and the theme of the work.

The TV anime “Kami no Tou -Tower of God-” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS11, and others on Apr. 1, 2020

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