Oct. 25 is Nozawa Masako25th October is Masako Nozawa’s birthday.

She has performed numerous characters in many works for about 50 years. In 2017, she was awarded two Guinness World Records for her voicing in the 「Dragon Ball」 video game series, and continues to shine brightly.

We’ve continued the “Who’s your favorite character role?” reader’s survey from last year to celebrate Nozawa Masako’s birthday.

The survey had run from Oct. 11 through Oct. 18, and 92 people voted. Voter demographics were made of roughly 60% men and 40% women, men being the majority.. The younger population also took the majority, with the age range 19 under being about 40%, and the age range 20s about 40%.

■Son Goku became second consecutive champion! Unexpected characters also rank higher.

First place is Son Goku from 「Dragon Ball」. He took 35% of the votes, and became the second consecutive champion from last year.
We received many comments from readers such as, “I watched 「Dragon Ball」 since I was a kid and I still love it now.I grew up with Goku and his voice has a special place in my heart,” and, “If we talk about Nozawa Masako, we talk about Goku, and vice versa. He is an eternal hero and the strongest Saiyan! We can’t talk about 「Dragon Ball」 without her!!”
Additionally, readers were surprised by her performance as the voice of both father and son, saying, “Changing her voice to perform as all three generations is amazing!” and, “Bardock’s appearance is similar to that of is son’s, Goku’s, but I like that he is a wild, ruthless, Saiyan character.”

Second place is Polon from 「Polon the Star Child」. The main work was produced in 1970 as an educational anime. It is a series of short clips about traffic safety and the rules of society; it was originally created from a free idea, and its chaotic plot development garner it enthusiastic support from fans.
There are passionate comments such as, “up to now, although the whole animation is yet to be revealed and the production house identity is still unclear, Ii know the presence of Nozawa Masako is big. Not only in the nostalgic feeling when we watch it, but also in this work and the characters that taught me the joy of discovery,” and “although the work is short, he is packed with strong character traits and adorable voices; we just can’t hate the character. Among characters that were played by Nozawa, I think he is the cutest.”

Third place is a tie between Kitarou from 「GeGeGe no Kitarou」 (Kitarou of the Graveyard) and Hoshino Tetsurou from 「Ginga Tetsudou 999」 (「Galaxy Express 999」).
Nozawa is stars as Kitarou in season 1 and 2 of 「GeGeGe no Kitarou」staring “Gegege no Kitaro” season 1 and 2 as Kitaro and as the eyeball father in season 6, which is currently airing now 6 that is airing now as eye-ball father. The scene where the eyeball father becomes human to save Kitarou is especially memorable to viewers, who commented,Especially, the scene where eye-ball father become human to save Kitaro is memorable to viewer as they said, “”the line where he said, ‘I’m only a father who will do anything to protect my child,’ was very cool.”The line where he said ‘I’m only a dad who protect his child’ is very cool.”.

Hoshino Tetsurou is is popular among those who watched his movie.also received fame from viewer fan, “in wanting a mechanical body, he travels the milky way with Matael, and after many encounters, realizes the beauty of life. This type of plot is amazing,He want a mechanical body so he traveled the milky way with Maetel. The plot where we can realize the beauty of life is amazing.” and “I binge-watched this in elementary school. I love Hoshino Tetsurou.” are some popular comments.

■Here’s the rest of the comments!!We are also including other comments!!
Guilmon from “Digimon Tamers” received “Change in voices from Guilmon to Dukemon step by step is great.”.

She is also famous for grandmother role and received comments such as when she played 「Pocket Monster Movie: Minnasan no Monogatari」 (「Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us」)”Pocket Monster Movie: Everyone’ Story” : “She might be seen as difficult person, but actually a reliable, pokemon-loving grandmother. I was surprised when Ii heard she got the role!” and Kirari’s Grandmother from “Kirarin☆Revolution”: “She is nice and listens to Kirari when Kirari is in trouble, and she is unexpectedly active though she is a grandmother.”.

The result is showing up to the 20th place. This time, we are also including 1960’s to 2010’s, 50 years’ worth of characters.

Top 5 Rank
“Among the character that played by Masako Nomura, who is your most favorite? 2019 Edition”
1st Son Goku “Dragon Ball
2nd Polon “Polon The Star Child”
3rd Kitaro “Gegege Kitaro”
3rd Eye-ball father “Gegege Kitaro”
3rd Tetsuro Hoshino “Galaxy Express 999”

(Voting Period: Oct. 11- Oct. 18 2019)(Period of Survey: 11-18 October 2019)

Character included in vote
“Who’s your favorite character role by Nomura Masako? 2019 EditionAmong the character that played by Masako Nomura, who is your most favorite? 2019 Edition”
Son Goku “Dragon Ball
Polon “Polon The Star Child”
Kitaro “Gegege Kitaro”
Eye-ball father “Gegege Kitaro”
Tetsuro Hoshino “Galaxy Express 999”
Guilmon “Digimon Tamers”
Granny “Kirarin☆Revolution”
Taro Kaibutsu “Kaibutsu-kun”
Ganba “Ganba’s Adventure”
Bardock “Dragon Ball Z”
Hisui “Pocket Monster Movie: Everyone’s Story”
Magical Marin “Hozuki no Reitetsu”
Sanae Yukishiro “Futari wa PreCurePrettycure”
(Period of Survey: 11-18 October 2019)