Jan. 21 is Mizuki Nana-san's birthday.

Mizuki Nana-san made her debut as a voice actress in the late 1990's. In 2020, she voiced the main character for “Uramichi Oniisan” and others. She is also active as a singer and made her first appearance in NHK's “Kouhaku Uta Gassen” in 2009. In 2019, there was a hot topic regarding her first appearance in “Minna no Uta” as well and her live tour “NANA MIZUKI LIVE RUNNER 2020” will start this year.

Here at Anime!Anime!, to celebrate her birthday, we had conducted a reader survey on “Who is your favorite anime character voiced by Mizuki Nana-san?” following the survey conducted last year. Within the period of Jan. 7 to Jan. 14, 2020, we had received a total of 122 responses.
The male to female ratio is 55% male and 45% female where the male is slightly more than female. For the age distribution, 35% are of those aged 19 and below, 30% are in their 20's while 25% are in their 30's and the votes came from a wide range of age.

■The top is Cure Blossom, Her effort leave a strong impression!
The first place is Hanasaki Tsubomi/ Cure Blossom from “Heart Catch PreCure!” and the support rating is approximately 17%. She took the first place from the 3rd place of last year.
“It was said that she is the first weakest PreCure among all the others PreCures but it leave an strong impression in me as her growth overlap with the hard working Nana-san.” and “There was a lot of optimistic main protagonist for PreCure but I was attracted to Tsubomi as she is pessimistic and a hard worker!” which depict that the audience was in deep emotion toward her efforts in doing everything.

Maybe this was the reason why her rank went up was because this works had a higher rank in NHK's “PreCure's Biggest Election” that was held last year. The main protagonist of this popular series had taken the shinning top place.

2nd place goes to Hyuga Hinata from “NARUTO” and the support rating is approximately 15%. She went up from her 4th place ranking last year.
Hyuga Hinata is a kunoichi (female ninja) from the Hyuga clan. We had received comments such as “I can feel the growth of Hinata from a young girl to a lady in “BORUTO” through the voice as she no longer had the innocent invoice during “NARUTO”. It makes me want to let out a sigh of happiness toward this.” and “I really love the fact that she always had feelings for Naruto throughout the series”.

3rd place is Fate Testarossa from “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha” and she went down from her top place last year.
“From the admirable efforts from the first season until she becomes a calm woman after knowing her family is living happily in the third season. This is a work that I want more people to watch it.”, “Despite her voice had changed when she becomes an adult from a child, it nice that the character atmosphere, and others still remain the same!”, “When she become a mother to watch over others after being watched over as a child, I felt that the kind voice fitted perfectly.” which depicts her popularity of voicing this character for a long duration.

■Let's introduce the other commentary!!
Regarding Kazanari Tsubasa from “Symphogear”: “Tsubasa-san who is actively working as the world's singer had shown the worthy singing voice.”.
Regarding Ogata Rina from “WHITE ALBUM”: “I liked her more as I am aware of her professionalism awareness of a singer, and others through Nana-san.”.

Regarding Vanessa Enoteca from “Black Clover”, “She did a good job in voicing the sexy witch which makes me feel that an amazing Vanessa was born. Her kind big sister disposition and her courage while facing the opponent are also amazing.”
Regarding Captain Marvel from “Captain Marvel”: “She is a strong, and the strongest woman!! It's a perfect match for Nana-san recent voice.” where there is vote for the western movie dubbing.

Most of the top rankers are characters that you are able to felt their growth. As there were some outstanding characters that sang in the works, it is an expected result for Mizuki-san who is also active as a singer.

■Top 10 Ranking
[Who is your favorite anime character voiced by Mizuki Nana-san? 2020 ver.]
1st place: Hanasaki Tsubomi/ Cure Blossom “Heart Catch PreCure!”
2nd place: Hyuga Hinata “NARUTO”
3rd place: Fate Testarossa (Fate T. Harlaown) “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha”
4th place: Kazanari Tsubasa “Symphogear”
5th place: Arthur “Monster Strike”
6th place: Collet Brunel “Tales of Symphonia”
6th place: Nagao Kagetora “Fate/Grand Order”
8th place: Usami Kaoruko “Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance”
8th place: Ange “Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon”
10th place: Ogata Rina “WHITE ALBUM”
10th place: Oboro “Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls”
10th place: Suzuki Nana “Seven of Seven”
10th place: Takamaki An “PERSONA5 the Animation”
10th place: Tamamura Tamao “Shaman King”
10th place: Chirai “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”
10th place: Vanessa Enoteca “Black Clover”
10th place: Michella Watch “Blood Blockade Battlefront”

(Survey Period: Jan. 1 to Jan. 14, 2020)