Brand new key visuals and a PV from the TV Anime “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected.” (Due to broadcast 9 Apr. 2020) have been released along with further information on its broadcast.

“My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected” (Abbreviated as OreGairu) was originally a light novel serialized in “Gagaga Bunko”. It was the only series that took first place three years consecutively in the “This Light Novel is Amazing! 2014 – 2016” category, landing itself into the Hall of Fame andhas since been converted into an anime and game. The series is seen as a landmark achievement with a whopping 9 million “Light Novel Multi Protagonist Story”.

The brand new visuals released this timefeature Hikigaya Hachiman, Yukinoshita Yukino, Yuigahama Yui and the members from the Service Club in a line, in front of the black board. The visuals give a photoshoot-like feel to their poses, befitting of the final season.

Moreover, information regarding the OP and ED theme songs hasalso been announced. The artist in charge of the OP theme song will be Yanagi Nagi with the song titled: “Sprout's Rain”. The ED theme song will be sung by Yukinoshita Yukino (CV. Hayami Saori) and Yuigahama Yui (CV. Toyama Nao) and is titled: “Purity of Diamonds”

“My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected.” will be broadcast on TBS and other stations from 9 Apr. 2020 onward, on Thursdays at 1:58 AM (JPT).

(C) Wataru Watari, Shogakukan/This Production Committee Is Wrong As I Expected