Serizawa Yu, the member of hybrid unit of an idol and a voice actoress called “i☆Ris”, held the last live of her first solo tour, “Yu Serizawa 1st Live Tour ~ViVid (eye) Contact!~” at Zepp Divercity Tokyo, in Tokyo.
At the live, not only had she sung her own songs, she also sung the characters' songs which she played in the past and her latest single “Devikyu”, which has been used as the ending theme song for an anime called, “Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun”. During the encore, it was announced that this live will be turned into DVDs, and the venue was filled with happiness.

“Yu Serizawa 1st Live Tour 2019 ~ViVid (eye) Contact!~” is Serizawa's first live tour, which was held at 8 locations, including Miyagi, Chiba, Kanagawa, Aichi, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo, for a total of 16 concerts. That day was the last live for her tour since September.
Serizawa holds her birthday live in December annually, and the event hall was filled with excitement even before the live event begins, since it was a special combination of her final tour live and her birthday live.

For the night concert, when the band members had appeared on the stage, Serizawa followed after them with no delay. It had began with “Puritto Perfect”, the popular song for TV animation, “PriPara”.
After she shouted “It is the final concert! Why don't you guys cheer and shout!”, she sang “God×Sun×Summer Party” and “How? To! Party☆” in a row. She completed her first three songs with speed while having “eye contacts” as it says on the title of the live tour.

Next song was from the latest single just released last month, “Devikyu”, called “Hi Hi Hi is High Tension”.
Changing her style of singing with one microphone to playing an electric guitar with cute outfit of light blue dress with a ribbon, made the audience excite even more.

With that momentum, she sang “Magical Love”, which is a character song for Akizuki Makishi from the TV animation, “Dog & Scissors” and “Waku Doki Shitai!”, a song recorded in i☆Ris's 8th single, “Realize!”. Serizawa's various appeals were shown through the character songs as a voice actress, the songs as a i☆Ris member, and her own songs.

When the band had started to play after the stage turned dark, Serizawa appeared on the stage, changing her outfit into a black lace skirt with a pink rider's jacket.
After she fired up the audience by saying, “Aren't you guys still lacking of Seriko???”, she continuously sang with cooler style compared to the first half of the concert, “Out Of Control!”, the character song for Balin from “Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur”, “….Just Look at Me”, which is the character song for Anazawa Nijimi from “Magical Girl Site”, and “PRINCESS POLICY”.

After completing the first half of the program with great speed, the MC section had started. Serizawa happily commented on her outfits designed by Osare Company, which designs the outfits for many idols, by saying, “The first outfit has the image of 'pop and cute Yu-chan' and the second outfit has the image of 'rock and sexy Yu-chan'”.
After a moment of silence with lights off, bright light of stars were projected on the back. With the night sky on the back, “Tonight's moon is beautiful too” was sung, and while basking in the afterglow, “Imaginary” was sung on the stage filled with blue light. Ballad section was finished with imaginary atmosphere.

Next song was “Devikyu”, the ending theme song for the ongoing anime, “Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun”. Talking about her dance video for the song, which was released a day before the live, she started the dancing class as if she is the dance teacher by saying, “Sister Seriko is going to lecture you on the dance!”
According to her, “The tip is to 'shake and vibrate the devikyu hands'”, and with “Let's dance with sister Seriko!”, “Devikyu” was sung in the concert for the first time ever. There was many fans enjoyed dancing with “Devikyu hand”.

She immediately started “No Regulation” while taking off her jacket, and it had entered the final part. After she strongly commented, “Look at Seriko more! I wouldn't make you regret at all!”, she sang the songs from “Pri Para” series, which are “COMETIC SILHOUETTE”, “TRIal HEART~the driver's ticket for love~”, and “Play Sound☆” with a great vigor.
While the venue was filled with cheers that is able to split the stage, she commented to fans, “Because I have fans, friends, band members, staff members…this song could be composed because everyone was there and I wrote messages to you”. For the last song, she sang “Revelation”, which she composed with anxiety and conflict within her.

As a respond for the overflowing calls, the encore started and she immediately sang “outshine”, the character song for Akizuki Makishi from TV anime, “Dog & Scissors”.
After thanking everyone for encore, the birthday cake was brought onto the stage with the song “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” from the fans as a surprise for her.
When both Serizawa and the fans were filled with smiles, it was announced the live will be made into video product as a happier announcement. While maintaining the joyful atmosphere, she sang popular original song, “Merry Birthday!” together with fans.

Serizawa commented, “I wish you will have bright day tomorrow. I am very happy”, filling her eyes with tears. She finished the program with “I Love You Even Tough Today is the Worst Day”.
It seemed as if this is the end of the live, double encore started from the fans with never-ending excitement. After singing “Parallel Stars”, she deliver thanks to fans by saying, “I love you guys!! Because I have such a fun day like today, I believe I can have the best days every day”, “Thank you for all your powers! I wish Seriko can be powers of you.”
At the last, she finished with familiar phrase of “Always, everyone, 'I love Yu-chan'” with all fans at the event, ending the program with smile.

“Yu Serizawa 1st Live Tour 2019 ~ViVid Contact!~”
■Date and time: Sunday, Dec. 22, 2019 Night Concert 【Entrance】5:15 pm 【Start】 6:00 pm
■Location: Zepp Divercity Tokyo