The movie “Laid-Back Camp” is the latest movie of the anime “Laid-Back Camp” series which is set for a nationwide release in early summer 2022. Inuyama Aoi’s visual has been released as the fourth in a series of candid-shot visuals that show glimpses of the characters’ daily lives.

The first season of the television anime series “Laid-Back Camp” started airing in January, 2018. It is a popular series about high school girls attending Motosu High School who go camping and enjoy delicious food and beautiful scenery.

Following Kagamihara Nadeshiko in Part 1, Shima Rin in Part 2, and Chiaki Ogaki in Part 3, Inuyama Aoi, whose candid-shot visual was released this time, is a slow-tempo character who speaks with a Kansai dialect.

Among the members of the Outdoor Activity Club known as the “Nokoru”, she is a responsible character who cares for everyone in the group during important situations, but also confuses people around her with false accusations. Her friend from middle school, Ogaki Chiaki, who founded “Nokuru” with her, calls her Inuko. In the candid-shot visual, she is sitting with her back straight while behind her the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, making the visual captivative to the audience.

Movie “Laid-Back Camp”
Nationwide Premier in Early Summer 2022

Original Work by: Afro (published in Houbunsha’s “COMIC FUZ”)
Director: Kyogoku Yoshiaki
Screenplay: Tanaka Hitoshi, Itou Mutsumi
Character Design: Sasaki Mutsumi
Animation Production: C-Station
Distributor: Shochiku

Kagamihara Nadeshiko: Hanamori Yumiri
Shima Rin: Higashiyama Nao
Ogaki Chiaki: Hara Sayuri
Inuyama Aoi: Toyosaki Aki
Saitou Ena: Takahashi Rie

(C) Afro・Houbunsha/Outdoor Activity Committee