In anticipation of the upcoming third season of the anime “Kiratto Pri Chan”, the visuals of Miracle Kirats's and Meltic Star's mascots Kiracchu and Melpan in their idol forms have been released. New information about “Pretty All Friends” and “PriPara” have been also revealed.

The key visuals for the third season include new costumes for Miracle Kirat's members Mirai, Meo, Rinka; and their rivals on Meltic Star, Anna, Sara, Mel. In addition the mascots of each team transformed into idols, also had their visuals released, making 2 extra characters.

The third season plot begins when Kirajuku, where Mirai and other protagonists live, is turned into a virtual reality amusement park. The “Princess Cup” will be held to decide the next idol queen.
How will the girls overcome the new challenges ahead? Who will be the one to win the title of “Illuminage Queen”? The visuals only add to the hype for the upcoming season airing from April.

From the 5-year commemoration of the “Pretty Series”, “Pretty All Friends Project”, in which the 5 protagonists from the 5 series form idol units, comes key visuals of “SoLaMi SMILE” and “DressingPafé” of the “PriPara” series.

A new plotline titled “A friend led by a star” was written on the official website, and it's also been announced that there are plans to for merchandise based on the visuals.

Pripara will also extend its activities on Thailand in 2020 by partnering with local companies in order to open an idol audition project. A lot of coverage is to be expected.

“Kiratto Pri Chan” Season 3
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