"Decadriver" Henshin Belt from "Kamen Rider Decade" to be released as a wristwatch under the Tokusatsu watch collection series "LIVE ACTION WATCH". Pre-orders are now available at Premium Bandai.

"Kamen Rider Decade Henshin! Wristwatch (Live Action Watch)" is a finely detailed wristwatch modeled after Decade's Henshin Belt.
The watch has an LED attached to it that give off pink flash, signaling the transformation when the side button is pressed. Just like in the belt's buckle, it has the marks of the other Riders engraved and a transparent green parts was used for the position of "9". In order to maintain the appearance of the original belt, the watch was designed to convey the same sense of weight of the belt. The wristwatch is polished up to an impressive quality, and exhibits a satisfying sense volume, making it a collectible item for adults.

"Kamen Rider Decade Henshin! Wristwatch (Live Action Watch)" is priced at 29,700JPY (taxes included). Pre-orders are available at Premium Bandai. The wristwatch is scheduled to ship out in Jun. 2020.

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