The "Kivat Belt" transform belt from "Kamen Rider Kiva" is the newest product in the transform belt series for adults. The "COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION Kivat Belt(CSM Kivat Belt)" is now accepting its second round of orders. Pre-orders are available at Premium Bandai's "Boys Toy Shop".

The "CSM Kivat Belt" comes with Kivat-bat the Third and a Kibuckle for when he is attached to the belt, interchangeable eye parts to recreate how it looks before transformation, and 6 types of Fuestles.
When Kivat-bat the Third attaches to the Kibuckle, transformation into Kamen Rider Kiva becomes possible and by setting the different Fuestles to the belt, one can hear the sounds from the transformation and special fight moves.

Kivat-bat the Third also has a voice recognition system that will react to the user's voice and say his famous lines. There are also special systems such as the "Wireless Communication System" that allows communication with the separately sold "CSM Tatsulot" like in the show, and the "Speed Sensor" which sets off distinctive flight sounds when you move at a certain speed.

In addition, Kivat-bat the Third's voice was newly recorded in a large volume by voice actor Sugita Tomokazu. Sugita commented, "I was careful that I didn't just end up trying to imitate my former self. I want to push myself along with Kivat-bat no matter how old I get."
Many sounds were recorded, such as the tone of the main character Kurenai Wataru's violin "Bloody Rose", the memorable BGM in the show, and the buckle appearance sound, so it will be pleasing to the ears as well.

The "CSM Kivat Belt" is priced at 29,700 JPY (tax included). The second round of orders will be accepted until Feb. 3, 2020 at 11 pm. The orders are planned to be shipped from Premium Bandai's "Boys Toy Shop" in May 2020.

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